Great and gracious Father, my breath is taken away at your generosity in my life. 

You ask for my faith in Christ and trust in you, and in exchange you give me access to every promise given to Abraham. By faith, I share in the rich nourishment that flows from the abundant inheritance of God’s family. 

I renounce every lie from the enemy that I have received that produces a scarcity mentality. I instead choose to believe this truth: I have been entrusted with abundance beyond what this world can give me. 

To activate that abundance, I must act because faith and actions always walk hand and hand. 

Today I receive your abundance so that tomorrow I will have the capacity to give to others with the same abundance you have given me. 

Give me wisdom to discern true strength. Let me not fall for a flattering tongue or falsely assume that people who persuade others or have a title necessarily carry your power. 

Let me be wise choosing those I walk with today, because the people I spend time with influence me. Let me stand with those who stand with you, even if that means I need to be different or face rejection. Let me find contentment in your acceptance alone. 

I confess that charisma and charm have deceived me before and created unhealthy connections in my life. I saw people, instead of you, as the source of my strength. My desire to fit in eclipsed my desire to follow you. 

Today, give me wisdom to choose to stand with the strength that only you can provide. Abba Father, I want to align my life with you because your power produces love, and love is the most powerful force in the world. I am answering your call to be strong in the Lord and in YOUR mighty power. Amen. 

Nourish Scripture: Ephesians 2:11-Ephesians 3:13