Biblical Help for Codependency

What does the Bible Say About Codependency?

While the Bible does not mention the word codependency, it has plenty to say on the idolatry of man, which defines codependency.

But so often, codependency is camouflaged inside the church, flying under the radar of good works and the call to serve and help others.

For years I was completely unaware I carried this coping mechanism. On the outside, I was the dependable one – full of “good works,” but on the inside, I was broken. My symptoms included severe people-pleasing, perfectionism, insecurity, a need to perform to prove myself, inability to set boundaries and say “no” and unhealthy relationships.

When life came crashing down, I decided to take back my free will and give it to God. I cried out to God for help, and he took me on a long beautiful journey to FREEDOM!

And now, I want to share with other women what I discovered on my road to recovery. I believe God’s solution for codependency is superior to anything the world can offer.

Are you ready to say goodbye to codependency?

Are you tired of feeling disappointed when others cannot meet your needs and fulfill you?

Treasured One, our heavenly Father is the only one who can satisfy our thirst and fill our cup. Without seeking the Lord to fulfill us and sustain us, we become like an old leaky cistern, never able to stay full, but always seeking to be refilled. But you don’t have to live like that… You can surrender it to the Lord and break free from codependency.

Take these 3 simple steps to begin your road to freedom:

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  3. Put these biblical principles into practice and take back your free will. Surrender it to God and thrive!