Treasured Tribe

Find the strength to thrive with daily truth and a tribe by your side.

Stay connected to God’s Word every day with biblical resources that utilize the Nourish Method right at your fingertips, and a supportive online community of women to cheer you on.

The battle for your heart is epic.

You are a treasure worth fighting for.

Without daily truth you cannot win the battle in your mind to experience true rest, life, and peace that is already yours in Christ.

The enemy of your soul does not want you to pause from the daily hustle to receive truth to thrive. He will stop at nothing to prevent you from becoming the woman God created you to be. He knows that if you establish a daily rhythm of meditating on God’s Word, you will have what you need to put on the armor of God, and become proactive instead of reactive against his attacks.

But when you are are walking by faith in Christ and in fellowship with each other, you can find the strength to live as God intended. 

This is the mission for the Treasured Tribe. 

“A pearl alone is a beautiful treasure.

But when anchored with other treasures on a strong strand,

the results are extraordinary.” 

-Aliene Thompson, founder of Treasured Ministries.

Join a movement of women committed to walking in victory through the power of God’s Word, one, beautiful, bold, brave step of faith at a time.

Get everything you need to daily gear up with God’s Word right at your fingertips with the Treasured Tribe.

Get a lifetime tool to study God’s Word in way that brings life-change.

When you sign up for membership, we will send you The Nourish Notebook 17-week Binder Starter Kit. Discover our daily grace-based process to transform your life through the power of God’s Word.

Get Started with Success

We understand having someone come alongside you when you start something new is essential, so we created the 21-Day Challenge online video course. Develop the life-changing habit of spending time in God’s Word, as you master the Nourish Method, learn how to use your Nourish Notebook and get everything you need to get started with the Treasured Tribe step-by-step in 21 faith-filled encouraging videos.

Nourish your heart with truth and thrive

Gain exclusive access to The Treasured Tribe Website with all Treasured Ministries resources including the Treasured Tribe Bible Studies tailored to work seamlessly with your Nourish Notebook.

Find Your Tribe

Find a safe private online community away from social media. Connect with women committed to following Christ. Study God’s Word with other women using the Nourish Method with Zoom gatherings our private online community and more.

Get Support

Get member-only support as you study God’s Word from the Treasured Ministries staff.

Make a Difference

10% of all membership fees are donated to the Kings Ransom foundation to help the world’s most vulnerable.  

Receive quarterly refresh care packages.

Receive refill pages for your Nourish Notebook, a set of Anchor of Truth Cards, and a special themed self-care surprise – delivered right to your doorstep every February, May, August, and November. Never run out of materials! Nourish your body and soul.

Nourish Your Heart and Thrive

Stay connected to God’s Word every day with biblical resources right at your fingertips and a supportive community to cheer you on.

“I have read so many Bible studies before, but none that have touched my heart as much as the Treasured Tribe. The old saying “a must-read” clearly does not fully express the recommendation to read, listen, and enjoy all the content from the Treasured Tribe.”

– Tina Beauchamp

You can get started on your epic journey in just three easy steps.

1. Join the Treasured Tribe.

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2. Receive access and log in.

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3. Begin with the 21-Day Challenge.

Login to the Treasured Tribe Website and begin your journey with the 21-Day Challenge.

About Treasured Tribe Weekly Zoom Gatherings

Weekly virtual small group Zoom gatherings on Fridays at 10:00 AM EST or Mondays at 8:00PM EST for those interested in studying God’s Word in community using their Nourish Notebook

Grow your study of God’s Word by gathering with others.

For those interested in studying God’s Word in community with Aliene and other women using their Nourish Notebook, Treasured Ministries offers virtual Zoom small group meetings in the Winter, Spring and Fall for the Treasured Tribe.

The Fall session begins the week after Labor Day and runs through the week before Thanksgiving. The Winter/Spring session begins the week after New Years and ends the week before Mother’s Day.

Once you join the Treasured Tribe, you don’t need to sign up – just show up! We offer a day and an evening meeting so you can choose a time that is right for you: Friday Mornings at 10:00 EST or Monday Evenings at 8:00 EST. More information including the zoom link will be provided inside your Treasured Tribe Membership.

“As a mom of three that works, it’s hard to find that dedicated time to stay in God’s Word. My Treasured Tribe Membership helped me to stay centered on Christ in the midst of the whirlwind that life brings. When I am grounded in his love, I can give this to others. Thank you!”

– Emily Boccia

“The Treasured Tribe talks are my favorite to sit down with a cup of coffee and be showered with the truth of God’s Word combined with real life scenarios. It’s so beneficial to see the comments of other other women working through similar struggles and lessons that stretch us to trust more and to deepen our faith roots into Jesus and His unchanging Word.” 

-Michelle Pichardo

Why daily truth and a tribe is essential for the health of your soul.

At Treasured Ministries, we believe every woman can find inner healing to walk in freedom and confidence for a lifetime, and an essential part of that journey is nourishing your heart with God’s word every day (Matthew 4:4).  

Nourishing your heart with God’s Word daily is not merely an inspiring goal or a religious duty to check off your list. Daily truth is essential to the health of your soul (Matthew 4:4).

Before Joshua headed into battle to settle the Promised Land, God told him to meditate on the Word day and night (Joshua 1:8). You may not be a warrior headed into a physical battle, but you are a woman living inside a broken world, and the battle for your heart is real (1 Peter 5:8-9, Jeremiah 17:5-9). 

While the enemy of your soul wants to keep you stuck in your past with lies, Jesus came to give you daily truth to set you free (John 8:32, Ephesians 4:21-24). 

  • Daily truth is essential for victory in our thought life and confidence in our choices to walk by faith and live in freedom (1 Corinthians 15:57,2 Corinthians 10:35, Romans 12:1-2). 
  • Daily truth nourishes your soul bringing healing through God’s grace instead of our limited self-reliance “grit” (Romans 2:29, Galatians 3:3, Jeremiah 31:33). 
  • Having truth anchored in your heart through the study of God’s Word allows you to be proactive instead of reactive against the enemy’s schemes (Ephesians 6:11-14, Matthew 4:4-11). 

We need Jesus every day!  Wholeness is a beautiful lifetime journey you take with Jesus as you surrender to his Word, each day one beautiful bold, brave step at a time (Galatians 2:20, Philippians 1:6).

The problem is many faith-based resources promise an instant fix that relies on your willpower to follow a specific process, and this legalism ultimately leaves you frustrated, hopeless, and feeling like a failure (Galatians 3:3, Romans 7:13-25).

But when you depend on God’s power and direction through an intimate daily relationship with Jesus, you shift your reliance from your grit to follow a list of rules to relying on God’s grace (2 Corinthians 3:7-18, Romans 7:25- Romans 8:4).

You don’t need another regimen. Your redeemer invites you to follow him to find abundant life (John 10:10).

In the same way, you trusted God for your salvation (by hearing his Word and combining it with faith), you can trust God for your sanctification (by daily hearing his Word and daily combining it with faith) (Romans 10:17, John 15:3, John 17:7, 2 Corinthians 3:18, 1 Peter 1:2).

However spending time in God’s word daily is a challenge inside our culture of crazy, with responsibilities that are very real. And the enemy of your soul throws plenty of resistance to your finding time to rest in God’s Word. We may have the best of intentions to dig deeper into God’s word and set aside quiet time, yet days pass, and we continue to live on fumes rather than on fire.

This is why we created the Treasured Tribe Membership. We wanted to make that essential daily connection to God’s Word easier for you with sisterhood, support, and everything you need all in one place to keep you connected to truth every day. 

And here is our vision …

The Gospel of Luke records a tribe of women who followed Jesus to care for his needs as he ministered to others (Luke 8:1-3). For these women, fellowship and the consistent life-changing daily connection with Jesus was not complicated. Daily truth and fellowship with one another was woven into the fabric of their lives as they walked with Jesus on a daily basis. 

This is the vision for the Treasured Tribe: making your daily time in God’s word easier with biblical resources right at your fingertips and a supportive community to surround you…. Because when women walk by faith, and with each other we find the strength to flourish.

Gear up with God’s Word and become battle ready.

Don’t miss another day living in freedom and confidence with daily truth and a tribe by your side.