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"The resources available through Treasured Tribe® with the Nourish™ Notebook have truly been life changing to me. After a period of difficult years not hearing much from God and reading His word most mornings for an hour, it wasn't until I learned the Nourish Method that slowed me down enough to hear from God daily and face life with joy again."

Mary E.

“Treasured Ministries is a wealth of resources for those wanting to grow deeper in their spiritual walk. But they are also a friend to the lonely and the broken who need to know that God sees them, hears them, forgives them and loves them too much to leave them where they are.”

Dr. Michelle Bengtson, Author of Hope Prevails and Breaking Anxiety’s Grip

For over a decade, Treasured Ministries has helped hundreds of women like you transform their lives with a faith-based approach to heal soul hurts.

You can trust the One who created you to know how to heal your heart and lead you to the life you were created to live. In God’s love, you will find wholeness and peace. Because this change happens through a beautiful process of taking God’s hand every day through an intimate relationship with Him, our resources go beyond accompanying you on your faith journey, but actually lead you to Jesus who creates the path and lays the stepping stones for your journey.

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“I understand how frustrating it can be to have faith in God and try so hard to change but not arrive in a place of wholeness and peace. But when I discovered that inner healing does not come from a regimen I determine to keep, but a Redeemer I decide to follow, I found daily strength to walk away from my codependency to live in confidence and the freedom of God dependency.”

Aliene Thompson, founder of Treasured Ministries



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Aliene Thompson

Founder of Treasured Ministries

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