“As women we hear words all the time that do not reflect our true identity. For many years I allowed those words to define me. I didn’t really know who I was because I allowed others to write my story. It took me until I was forty years old to understand that my true value and the purpose for which I was created can only come from God himself. You too can gain courage, confidence, direction, and freedom to become all God created you to be. Join me on this journey on Facebook Live every Wednesday at 12:00.”


Aliene, Thompson, Founder of Treasured Ministries



My life is eternally impacted EVERY day because of this ministry. Treasured Ministries is far more than a daily devotion, inspiration and Bible study. I once walked through life in bondage and defeated by lies. Now, I march confidently as a beloved daughter of the King; a true brave heart.

Megan Gordon, Raleigh NC

“I am in the process of learning to give the whole of myself to Christ. Learning to say ‘yes’ to His everyday requests. In the process, before you know it, you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone and are doing something for Christ you never dreamed you’d do. It’s about knowing His Word, hearing His voice, and saying ‘yes’ when He leads.  For me, that looks like loving my family, my community, and my God; I just happen to be doing that in Uganda, Africa.  You can do the very same, right where you are; just say ‘yes’, whenever He leads.” 

Kelly Via

Spending time studying the Bible has changed how I view my life, and when I share the process with other women it becomes a beautiful, powerful gift that is indescribable. When I study God’s Word, I get to know my Savior and His love for me. I begin to understand my worth from his perspective. Life’s challenges become God’s gifts to bring me closer to who he wants me to be. The disappointments become times that God protected me from accepting less than His best for me. And the failures? Well, they become God’s purpose for me in ministry. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Word of God is alive and active. I have experienced this and you can too!

Susan Taylor-Kildrow