Hope Reins

A Woman’s Quest to Help Children Heal from Trauma 

Her love of horses, Jesus, and first-hand knowledge of living as a child of abuse and trauma gave Kim Tschirret, Founder & CEO of Hope Reins, the heart and passion to start an organization to help kids and families in similar circumstances. 

Hope Reins is a Raleigh nonprofit that pairs kids in crisis with rescued horses to help them find hope and healing.  

Ready for inspiration? I am soooooooo excited to share today’s podcast with you. So many beautiful nuggets of wisdom inside today’s podcast as well as hope for this timeless biblical truth: Jesus heals broken hearts. He can take the ashes of our past to create eternal beauty. 

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Learn more about Hope Reins by visiting their website: https://hopereins.org

Get your copy of Joey: How a Blind Rescue Horse Helped Others Learn to See

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