Holy Holdup

Have you ever thought of the holdups in your life as holy hedges of protection? Consider this—during holy holdups, the Holy Spirit is hovering and working on your behalf behind the scenes to build something beautiful.

This is an area where I have to continually renew my mind. But I have learned that in the resting and the waiting—those times in our lives when prayers don’t seem to be answered and we cannot see God working—the Holy Spirit hovers to bring forth a great work of God.

God Is a Master Planner

God created the world with the precision and order of a Master Planner.

  • Before there were plants, there had to be light to support the plants.
  • Before there was man, there had to be plants to nourish man.

Nothing was out of order—one step was completed before the next began. His timing was always perfect. And God hasn’t changed. Just as he was the Master Planner of creation, he is building our lives according to his divine purpose and detail.

Sometimes when the Holy Spirit is hovering, I want to hurry and take matters into my own hands—and I get out of step with the Holy Spirit. Worry and anxiety set in.

When there are holdups in my life and I don’t see God working just yet—how would my attitude change if I consider these holdups to be holy?

Each Holy Holdup Serves a Purpose

The Holy Spirit was hovering over a nothingness blob before it turned into something beautiful (Genesis 1:1). When all I see are blobs, may I remember that the Holy Spirit is hovering and has a plan to create something beautiful. When I want to run ahead of God and make things happen, may I remember that the holdup is often a hedge of protection—a gathering of carefully planned provisions from the Master Planner. Rest and trust give us salvation. Often quietness is our strength (Isaiah 30:15).

God is working his master plan and his timing is perfect. Thank God today for the provision, planning, protection, and divine purpose that come from a Holy Holdup!

Nourish Scripture:  Genesis 1 

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Blog written by Aliene Thompson. Aliene Thompson is the founder of Treasured Ministries and the Author of the Nourish Bible Study Series. © 2019 Treasured Ministries.