Leading In the Home

Leading well inside the home means learning to that setting limits is one of the most loving things we can do for our children. Yet this is NOT easy. Guilt or frustration leaves us worn out and we give in instead of giving our children guidelines to prepare them for life. Listen to today’s podcast and discover WHY children thrive best with loving limits and HOW to set those limits from our guest Dr. Kristen Wynns.

Dr. Kristen Wynns of Wynns Family Psychology is a licensed psychologist, author of the No Wimpy Parenting Handbook, and mother of two children. She has counseled families for years and founded the No Wimpy Parenting movement to equip parents everywhere with effective parenting tools that work to bring harmony inside the home.  (see links below for resources.)

Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s podcast. Listen below for more.

  • Discover why setting limits creates a perfect balance of authority with love critical to the development of children and how this reflects the heart of how God parents us.
  • Find relief from the mommy guilt of saying no by understanding why boundaries give children security.
  • Gain a three-step easy to understand proven method for setting limits you can being using today.
  • Find motivation to carve out time for yourself and why that is vital to being a good mom.

Enjoy today’s podcast and if you would like to learn more check out these links:

Visit their website: Wynns Family Psychology

Order her book, The No Wimpy Parenting Handbook on Amazon.