Help! My Husband is Battling Pornography Part 2

Pornography is sweeping our nation like a plague. More and more marriages are being negatively impacted by it, day after day. Many wives are mistakenly believing that by offering more sex to their partner, they will discourage their mate from viewing pornography.  Sadly, pornography is only a symptom of an even bigger problem(s) that lie underneath. Issues that have often gone untreated nor healed, are what lead men into this trap. If you are a wife whose heart has been shattered by this epidemic, you are NOT alone! There are important God-honoring steps you can take to partner with our war against pornography.

In today’s podcast, Shelley shares her epic journey of discovering her husband’s addiction to pornography and how God worked in amazing ways to bring redemption. Join us for part one of this two-part podcast as we offer encouragement, healthy boundary-setting tools, and truth from God’s word about this subject. 

If your husband is struggling with Pornography, you are not alone. Ready for hope and inspiration? Please share this podcast with other women and help make a difference and join us for part two next week.