Your Past is Preparation

Often our past experiences can prepare our hearts for our Promised Land purpose. Life can be our greatest classroom, as it was for Joshua.

How Joshua’s Past Prepared Him for His Purpose

The Lord had been preparing the successor of Moses for his calling for many years. Although we cannot pinpoint his age exactly, Joshua was likely at least eighty when he led the Israelites into the Promised Land.

In the years prior, he had been a slave in Egypt, a servant to Moses, a spy in Canaan and an appointed leader of the Israelite army. Delivered from the Egyptians, walking through the parted Red Sea, and defeating the Amalekites, Joshua experienced the power of the living God and saw he could trust God.

Joshua’s faith, without reservation, resulted in many victories for the Israelites in the Promised Land.

I believe it was the forty years Joshua spent serving Moses as his aide, however, that prepared his heart the most for his new role.

Servanthood Allows Us to Grow Spiritually

Brave hearts know that in order to be a good leader, they must first learn to follow. Servanthood gives us an opportunity to grow spiritually because it redefines success by measuring it in faithfulness.

God leads us through a process so that our platform will be used for his Purpose. He leads us to that beautiful place of freedom where we realize our purpose is for stewardship—not ownership.

Joshua never forgot the meaning of servanthood, even after he became a leader. He continued to speak of himself as a servant of the Lord (Joshua 5:14).  The deepest place of surrender is a well of joy that fills the heart greater than any worldly goal.

Where is God calling you to serve, brave heart?

Brave hearts find freedom to pursue God’s purpose with bold faith by letting go of worldly goals and seeking only heaven’s reward.

Seek Heaven’s Reward in Serving the Lord

Serving requires sacrifice.

Sweat. Tears. Risk.

It requires making ourselves vulnerable. The enemy of our souls resists God’s will for our lives; he may cause us to fail and fall, which could result in bruises and bumps along the way. The results our sovereign God desires are not always what we think.

When fear has a tight hold on us, it can eclipse our faith in God. Fear and faith play tug-of-war with our hearts. But when we let go of the ropes of such things as worldly success, fear loses its grip, and the force of faith wins.

To let go and run with unwavering endurance, look up and seek only heaven’s reward serving the Lord alone.

Nourish Scripture: Exodus 17:8–16

Blog written by Aliene Thompson. Aliene Thompson is the founder of Treasured Ministries and the Author of the Nourish Bible Study Series. © 2019 Treasured Ministries.