Core Strength

As you wait and spread the wings of your heart through complete surrender, the very breath of God fills you with quiet strength and lifts your life to soar. And from that eternal perspective, you are carried with strength beyond your understanding for a purpose for beyond yourself.

“But those who wait on the Lord

Shall renew their strength;

They shall mount up with wings like eagles,

They shall run and not be weary,

They shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

You were not made to strive in your limited strength. You were created to soar with godly girl power as you surrender to Christ and live for his glory. 

Godly girl power is God’s all-surpassing power. This is different from worldly power. Worldly power is outward control dependent on other people and things and focuses on self. Godly girl power is the inner strength of a woman led confidently by God to walk in love and live for his glory no matter what circumstances she faces. 

Love is the most powerful force, and that is what godly girl power is all about.

Be wise brave heart by letting this core truth anchor you during seasons of waiting. Disappointments can cause our hearts slowly to drift away as we pull up our self-protective measures. We take over the reins of our life again. Vow to pull ourselves up by our boot straps. Giving our whole heart to God seems risky, so while we might play the part by attending church, our hearts are far away from God. I’ve been there – how about you.

In our Nourish Scripture this week we see that this drift eventually happened to the church of Ephesus. They are reminded to reflect back to rekindle that love into action (Revelation 2:1-7).

Today is designed as a pause just for you to reflect and review the lessons we learned together on godly girl power through the book of Ephesians. Each truth is connected back to the respective devotion so you can linger longer on lessons that invite your attention. 

What truth was your favorite? Which one will you share with another that has been hit by a wave in life and needs to be anchored to truth so she won’t drift?

Above all remember you were created and redeemed to love God with all your heart and love others as yourself (Mark 12:30-31).  Love is the most powerful force in the world, and that is what Godly girl power is all about.

  • Power always comes from a source. Godly girl power comes only from God himself. To plug into God’s power, we must pause and pull into his presence daily.
  • God’s perfect love casts out fear. She who is brave is free to live for Him.
  • When a strong current of emotions hits your heart, reach out to Jesus for clear direction to stay steady on the path of your purpose.
  • Godly girl power flows from great expectations laid at the feet of our mighty God, who can do “immeasurably more” than we could ever ask in prayer. EXPAND your prayer life to reflect the greatness of our Almighty God.
  • One of the greatest gifts you can bring to the world is becoming the woman God created you to be. Part of that journey is to embrace your spiritual gifts and use them to love others and fulfill your God-given purpose.
  • Forgiveness carves a path for the mighty river of his love and power to flow.
  • Light overcomes darkness. Shine brightly. Love Bravely.
  • Allowing Christ to redefine our identity and the purpose for which we were created not only impacts our life but the lives of those around us. 
  • Wise women train hard for the race of a life that glorifies God by gearing up with God’s Word. Align your life with Godly girl power by putting on the armor of God.

Nourish Scripture: Revelation 2:1-7