Week One: Called to Companionship

The Christian life is not one made to be done in solitude. From the beginning of time itself God did not see fit for man to be alone even in the perfection that was the garden!

He has created us with the desire for companionship engrained in the makeup of our hearts. And try as we might, none of us are immune to that yearning.

The Glory in Christ-Centered Friendship

This summer I was put in a place to understand the glory to be found in a Christ-centered friendship with someone, even when I wasn’t looking for it.

When I found out that I would spending the summer in New York City interning it struck me that I was knowingly walking into a season of isolation. And the prideful parts of myself were even thrilled for the opportunity to “push myself” and have a “Summer with just God.” And looking back on that mindset now, how fortunate we are to serve a God so good that He does not give us the things we believe we want. And as I near the end of my time here it is my responsibility to look back at the graciousness of God, the promises He has so faithfully kept to me, and praise Him for it.

As I prayed over this summer and began to ask for His will to be residing over it, one unexpected promise became very clear to me:

There was someone waiting for me in that city, and not only that, but I needed to begin praying for her before I got there.

And honestly often the promises I hear from God seem too good to be true, and simply put, that’s because by all understanding of this world, they are too good to be true. But grace is what makes the goodness of God the utmost truth, and that’s the beauty of a life for Christ.

So here I found myself in the city of millions waiting on a promise from God that He would bring that companion.

The Faith to Pray into Promise

When God promises us things, it takes faith to pray into them, it takes faith to pray fearlessly with big prayers, but that faith is what He rejoices in.

And so one week later, there she was.

It was a random Bible study I had found on Google, the only college one that came up, and when I arrived there were 3 people sitting at the table, the leader, myself, and my answer to prayer. An hour later and we were separated by two bowls of over-priced ramen with faces lit by what was evidently the work of God.

And this is where it all comes together, halfway through our first time meeting she paused and simply said “this is going to sound weird…” and by this point I already knew, but I waited anyways, “I have actually been praying for you for a while now, and I think you are the answer to those prayers.”

This is the love of God made tangible in the gift of a friend, and how grateful I am to know a God that knows the deepest needs of this heart of mine.

Our Battle Isn’t Meant to Be Fought Alone

Independence is one thing, pride is another, the Christian life is a battle against everything this world tells us we must be, and it is not one meant to be fought alone. Do not allow the enemy to tell you the lie that you are better off alone. God does not want you to be alone.

  • Pray for God to bring you friends that are fighting the same battles you are.
  • Pray for a few trusted warriors that will hold your feet to the fire even while you kick, because those are the friendships that even if your lives call you apart from one another, you part from stronger.

Those are the bonds that Hell is afraid of.  You are worthy of a friendship like this.

Today, as we begin our series on friendship begin to earnestly pursue friendship as you pray with great expectation and a heart open wide. Let the God who created you with the capacity for companionship fill that need in a way only he can.

Nourish Scripture: Matthew 17:7-12

Written by Millicent Phillips. Millicent attends Liberty University and is on the writing team with Treasured Ministries. Follow her on Instagram. © 2019 Treasured Ministries.