The End of Your Rope

It’s easy to find yourself at the end of a rope you’ve overestimated the length of your capacity. It’s an alarming reality to come to when we run out of ourselves in the face of the responsibilities we have taken on.

The strange thing about reaching the end of ourselves is that we reach that point countless times throughout our lives, yet still, we are caught off guard each time it happens.  

I hit the end of my rope again recently, and I learned my lesson all over again. And so I am writing this, not only to share and hopefully encourage, but to hold myself accountable with words to paper.

Burdens Rob Our Hearts of Passion

We take on responsibilities for the things that we are passionate about and then leave the things we put on our shoulders out of check. Before we know it our responsibilities become burdens and the burdens slip from our shoulders and invade our hearts, stealing the passion. 

It is when we leave our responsibilities unchecked that they rob our hearts of the joy of the passion we have been given. 

When our hearts are re-centered around what is not of God we have made idols of what was given to us to glorify him. Whatever our talents, they are GIVEN to us, we have no right to them. When God gives us these desires and passions, he does not intend for us to take them and run, leaving him behind, he wants to run alongside us.  

Because I can promise you this, you will run out, you will fail, and you will hit your wall. Try as we might, there is only so much of ourselves that we have to give, there is only so much space on our shoulders before responsibilities have to take up residence in our heart. 

We Are Meant to Follow

When I hit my wall I found myself resenting the role of leadership that I was in, the very role I had created for myself became my burden rather than my delight. I looked at those around me and envied them for being able to follow, for getting to learn and not teach. I was exhausted, and I was heartbroken to feel my heart weighed down, rather than lifted, by my role.  

I found myself on my knees, hastily praying for strength before having to go to my next responsibility, when God finally broke through the haze.  

It was when I was most tired of leading that I was reminded of the greatest role I have in this life: Follower.  

There is no obligation from me in this love of the Father other than to merely follow. I do not have to bring anything but my heart on this journey and I need not worry so long as the footsteps I follow are his. I get to be led my whole life, and whatever I am given to lead in the process of this should never be done ahead of the footsteps of the Father, but rather in line.  

Let your passions be spurred on by the Father and ignited by your actions, but do not allow them to rob you of your joy, to rob you of your purpose.  

Nourish Scripture: 2 Timothy 1

By Millicent Phillips. Millicent is a student at Liberty University and a member of the Treasured Ministries writing team. © Copyright Treasured Ministries 2019