Once surrounded by the shadows of shame from her wounded heart, the dark cloud of depression settled above her hiding light in her life. She felt heavy. Dark thoughts echoed in her head from the way she was treated.  Seeking relief from the pain from shame, her temporary fixes only gave short-lived relief and slipped her soul into further darkness.

But then one day, someone shared the light of Christ with her. This Light pierced through the pain to see clearly beyond the words that wounded her heart and eclipsed her thinking. This light was powerful. The darkness could not overcome this light (John 1:4-5, Ephesians 5:8-9).

Jesus. The light of the world. Jesus carried both grace and truth to the world – to her. She saw herself differently. She saw God differently. He was love and truth. 

The life of Christ awakened inside her and changed her completely. She found herself singing songs of praise and her heart found the beat of joy again. 

Much like the light of candles that grow in a Christmas candlelight service as light is shared from one candle to another… someone brought this light to her, and now she wanted to make the most out of every opportunity to share this light with others.

At first, she was confused because she felt if she held out truth, she had to let go of love. And at other times she felt if she held out love, she had to let go of truth. 

However, the Lord showed her truth defined love and love defined truth. It was not truth OR love. It was not one or the other. Both were needed, but in order to create the right balance, instead of hanging onto one or the other… Jesus told her– hang onto me by holding on tight to the Holy Spirit. As you are led by the Holy Spirit you will walk in love and truth so that they intertwine to create just the right current to carry my light to a dark broken world.

And as she was led by the Lord, a pattern of love and truth came so closely together that others saw the light of Jesus shining brightly in her. 

Love and truth find perfect balance as we are filled with the Holy Spirit to share the light of Christ.

Light overcomes darkness. That’s godly girl power. Shine brightly. Love bravely.


Nourish Scripture: Ephesians 5:1-20