Prayer is Conversation with Jesus

Last week we talked about how prayer is a filter that helps us determine God’s priorities so that we live with focus each day. While prayer is that and so much more, I admit I don’t take advantage of this privilege as much as I could because “religion” gets in the way. Sometimes “religion” can make prayer so confusing that we don’t enjoy one of the greatest gifts of being a child of God…coming to him in prayer.

But this is not the way God intended prayer to be.

A while ago, I ran into this blog written by Martha Fry on prayer and I knew I immediately wanted to share it with you.

Prioritizing Prayer

This year, C3 is starting off its year with a focus on prayer. I love that – don’t you. As you set into this first month of the year, make prayer a priority and find focus and direction to become the woman God created you to be.

Enjoy Martha’s blog, and don’t miss my podcast with her this week on prayer.

Some people get so confused when it comes to prayer. Who do I call on when I pray: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Lord, Christ…………

Do I pray one way or are there different ways. How do I pray for people? How do I pray for myself?

I am that “some people”. And I have gotten so caught up in believing that I have to do it right and I wasn’t sure what right was that at times I didn’t even pray until a crisis came.

But praying is like having a conversation with God. And if I think about my conversations with Matt I have to realize no two conversations are the same. Some of my conversations with Matt are planned, like a date night. Sometimes they are very intentional because I have something I need to talk to him about. Sometimes they are off the cuff. Sometimes they are sad and full of emotion. Sometimes they are a little heated. Sometimes they are funny and we just joke around and laugh, but one thing is for sure we talk a lot.

I cannot say it is everyday because when we travel there are days we don’t talk, but even when we don’t talk I have talked to Matt so much I have thoughts like, if Matt were here this is what he would say.

This is how our time with God should be. Our conversations shouldn’t always be the same. We need planned, intentional, off the cuff, emotional, heated, funny, confessing times with God, just to name a few ways we should talk to Him.

Want more? You can read more about prayer in Martha’s blog.

Nourish Scripture: Mark 9:14-29

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