Her Heart for His Glory

Jesus didn’t stop her . . . and he won’t stop you. 

Mary of Bethany carried her alabaster jar of priceless perfume toward Jesus. The disciples bombarded her with criticism. Even that couldn’t quench her desire to give her all to Jesus. Many believe the perfume, worth a year’s wages, was also her dowry. This offering cost more than money.

Her reputation. Her finances. Her hope for a husband. Her future. Her heart. All in Jesus’ hands . . .

And Jesus didn’t stop her….

Jesus Fought for Mary of Bethany

Jesus never uttered words of warning to intercept Mary’s costly choice. In fact, He praised her and silenced those who accused her. “Leave her alone. Why criticize her for doing such a good thing to me? . . . I tell you the truth, whenever the Good News is preached throughout the world, this woman’s deed will be remembered and discussed.”

Jesus didn’t stop her. In fact, he fought for her.

Many years before, God had fought to free his people from Pharaoh’s power so they could worship Him. “Let my people go so they may worship me.” And he fights for you today.

Who was your Pharaoh brave heart?

  • Who treated you harshly?
  • Who demanded you meet their every need?
  • Who was the one who abused you?
  • Who used force to control you?
  • Who used you?
  • Who was the one who wounded your spirit?

Jesus laid down his life to heal this wound and fight for your heart, releasing you to live fearlessly for his glory as you look to him as the sole source of life.

Leave her alone. Let her go so she may worship me.

Jesus Wants to Be the Lord of Your Heart

Worship. Giving your heart to Jesus is a costly choice, brave heart, but one he created you for. Jesus wants to be more than your Savior—he also wants to be Lord of your heart.

Jesus won’t stop you when you, like Mary, place your heart in his hands so you are free to worship him. That is God’s purpose for you and the deepest place of joy. You were created and redeemed to live as God intended . . . your heart for his glory.

Close your eyes. What is your alabaster jar? That costly thing you are trusting for security. Let it go and find real joy that comes only from trusting Jesus as Lord over your life. Jesus will meet your deepest needs at the place of greatest surrender.

Nourish Scripture: Mark 14:3–9

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Blog written by Aliene Thompson. Aliene Thompson is the founder of Treasured Ministries and the Author of the Nourish Bible Study Series. © 2019 Treasured Ministries.