Divine Disconnect

Eve Experiencing a Divine Disconnect in the Garden

A flaming sword closed the entrance to the Garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve stood beyond the angel-guarded gate with no way to return to Eden and the tree of life, a previous provision now severed by a sword strategically placed by God himself. Like bitter mingled with sweet, the flaming weapon stood with the mighty cherubim and created an unbreakable barrier to the bounty in Eden. 

God let the sword fall to protect Eve from her previous provision and move her forward to a new and greater provision. 

She had sinned. If she ate from the tree of life, she would have lived in a sin-filled state forever instead of experiencing the eternal life provided through a new source that would come—JESUS. 

A divine disconnect is often designed to protect us and reconnect us to greater provision.  

Trading a Past Provision for a Greater One

Have you been severed from a God given-provision that once fed your soul—and don’t understand why it happened?

  • Was it a job?
  • A relationship?
  • A place or position?

Did you try to recapture your past provision only to experience further rejection? 

I’ve been there . . . fist pounding at the door in prayer, desperate to understand why God closed a door in my life. Let me back in! Like being slammed by a fast-moving revolving door, anytime I tried to step back into my past provision—wham—I would experience a slap of pain that would send me swiftly backpedaling.

I was angry and living in regret as I pined over my past provision. I failed to keep my eyes on Jesus and take hold of my future.  

But now I’m on the other side—and can see. Now I understand. A divine disconnect is often designed to protect us and reconnect us to greater provision. 

Have you experienced a painful severingTrust Godand invest your energy in moving forward by keeping your eyes on Jesus.  

Nourish Scripture: Psalm 91

Blog written by Aliene Thompson. Aliene Thompson is the founder of Treasured Ministries and the Author of the Nourish Bible Study Series. © 2019 Treasured Ministries.