An Easter Hallelujah

On Easter, we celebrate the powerful message that Jesus has risen. The gospel of John records that precious moment when Mary Magdalene could not bring herself to leave Jesus’ empty tomb. Weeping, she turned from the angels still in the tomb and saw a man she assumed to be a gardener. But when Mary realized the truth—that her Savior was [...]

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Abiding Mindset Shift

Jesus Christ holds out his hand and reaches beyond your past, your mistakes, your imperfections, and your shame with this invitation: Come just as you are. Abide with me. As you connect with me, you will prosper with the fruit of agape love to fulfill the primary command of the new covenant—loving others as the Lord has loved you.  And while this sounds so beautifully simplistic, the enemy [...]

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Bestow the Words You Crave

Another long day, grappling past lies and current insecurities and future worst-case possibilities. Craving words of reassurance to raw wounds open, I reach out to friends with said aching, seeking remedy.  Disappointment comes again as well-intentioned words fall hollow on these doubting ears. Shame lays another layer down upon a battered heart. And round about [...]

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Living Words

Dear Treasured Tribe,   Imagine you knew you only had a short time left to live and wanted to share a last meal with loved ones. Whom would you invite? What meal would you share together? And most important, what final words would you carefully choose to speak over those who graced your table?   Words matter. But last words can leave a legacy to those you love.   Of course, not everyone knows [...]

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The End of Your Rope

 by Millicent Phillips It’s easy to find yourself at the end of a rope you've overestimated the length of your capacity. It’s an alarming reality to come to when we run out of ourselves in the face of the responsibilities we have taken on. The strange thing about reaching the end of ourselves is that we reach that point [...]

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