Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

On this week’s podcast, we talk about what it is to avoid negative self-fulfilling prophecies and how to put God’s truth into practice rather than anxiety. It’s hard to not speak our anxieties aloud. It’s even harder to cast out anxiety altogether, but when we constantly imagine and talk about the worst-case scenarios, we’re inviting fear into places it has no right to be present in.

Dr. Michelle Bengtson watched this very thing happen in her own life, what she feared most kept happening until she recognized the cycle and the pattern. If you want to see more of Dr. Bengtson’s work, you can visit her website and find information about her newest book, Breaking Anxiety’s Grip. We invite you to settle in and start taking back your mind and giving it to God. If you want to get in touch with Michelle herself, you can find her Facebook page to join her community by clicking here.