Love Addiction

So, what is a love addiction anyway? That’s the subject of today’s podcast with my friend Shelley Bogart. We all have the need for love, God wired us to give and receive love.  But what do we do when the driving need for “love”, leads us in all the wrong directions, and finding love becomes our obsession? What are some of the childhood wounds that can lead to this addiction, and what can we do to get out of this addictive pattern? Join us in talking with Shelley, who struggled with “love addiction” for numerous years.  She’ll share bits and pieces of her unhealed past and how it manifested in her quest to be “loved.” We’ll learn of the work God did in her heart and mind, to free her from the bondage and enslavement of being a love addict, and how He healed the wounds of her past.

You don’t want to miss today’s eye-opening discussion about this tender topic. Listen to discover more – freedom is on the other side!

Visit Shelley’s personal blog, where she shares relevant truths from her life and what God’s word has done in her life.