Changing Your Thought Life

Biblical meditation is God’s prescription to help us “put on Christ” so we can live and give to others the way God intended.

In the Bible, God told Joshua to meditate on truth, and that same tool is just as effective for us today. I am not a warrior like Joshua, trying to conquer enemies in the Promised Land, but I am a busy wife, mother, friend, and ministry leader with a desire to live in the direction of my God-given purpose. Just like you, I have distractions and disappointments that have the potential to derail me. In my busy world where my mind is prone to wander, biblical meditation continues to be the tool that gives me the ability to take my thoughts captive so that I can stand firm in my faith.

In today’s podcast, learn more about biblical meditation and how this discipline can make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you.