Advocating for Those Without a Voice

Has the Lord ignited a passion in you and called you to serve a particular group of people? Do you question the calling he’s placed on your heart or doubt your capacity?

Well, let today’s podcast guest inspire you and spur you on to run a mission for God. Tina Beauchamp is the Founder and Executive Director of an anti-human trafficking organization called “Trees of Righteousness.”

“TOR” as it is called, is a new non-profit dedicated to establishing a long-term aftercare program for adult, female survivors of human trafficking, 18 years of age and older. She considers her most valued treasure in life, besides God, to have worked with human trafficking survivors for the past 9+ years and counting. TOR has a capital campaign going on right now to purchase a house to make into a safe house for female trafficking victims. They need to raise 2+ million dollars to make this possible. If you feel compelled to get involved with TOR or make a donation to the campaign, you can visit their website at

You can contact Tina directly by e-mailing her at

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