21-Day Challenge

Are you looking to develop the life-changing habit of spending time with God through the study of His word? With all the responsibilities women carry, we can all relate to the frustration of taking care of others while neglecting to tend to our souls in God’s Way through daily personal time in His Word. At Treasured Ministries, we have created the 21-Day Challenge online class designed to make that habit happen!

In today’s podcast, we invite you to listen to Day One of the 21-Day Challenge to get a taste of what you can expect. The 21-Day Challenge is a FREE resource with the purchase of a Nourish Notebook. Now is the best time to take the challenge because starting January 16th, we are going to go through the 21-Day Challenge together inside the Treasured Tribe. Gain support from the community while you cultivate the habit to pause from the hustle and spend time with him daily for the win!

Click HERE to get your Nourish Notebook and join us for the 21-Day Challenge!