Nourish Together Groups are women gathering together weekly to share a meal, pray and study the Bible using the weekly nourish scripture. We are looking for women who want to join our vision by leading a group.

Find strength in Community and share this gift with others by starting a Nourish Together Group.

Here’s How Nourish Together Groups Work:

  • Build community and enrich your experience in God’s Word by inviting a small group of women to study the Bible, pray, and share a meal on a weekly basis.


  • Use our Christ-centered framework to provide a way for women to get into God’s Word with proven impact, but without the pressure of outside homework.


  • Get all the tools you need to host a group including our step-by-step plan to get  you started with our Leading a Nourish Together Group Online Academy.


  • Find support for your journey with our Lead Well For Life Change Podcast, Blog and private Facebook group and find encouragement to become a leader that cultivates a Christ-centered group where women can find acceptance and encouragement to live their purpose.


  • Connect with other Nourish Together leaders in our private Facebook group for leaders. Ask questions and get answers from the Treasured Ministries Team.


“The dictionary meaning of nourish is “to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.” Wow, that could not be anymore true of our Nourish Group. Each week we feast on physical food and the WORD. Then we become Prayer Warriors. A relationship is formed that is held together by super glue (the Holy Spirit) and becomes unbreakable!”

Sharon McGee

Watch the video to discover more about the vision for Nourish Together.