Why Nourish?

You matter. Your life matters. You are designed by God to make a difference.

Often life’s challenges can speak a different story to our hearts. Sometimes, they make it hard it believe God’s truth about who He is, who we really are and the purpose for which we were created.

Jesus invites us to live differently by seeing differently as we walk by faith in His Words. But without a plan, Bible study can seem overwhelming or a religious duty instead of a life-giving experience. Nourish is a proven three-step approach to Bible Study designed to help you find truth so you can become the woman God created you to be.

Nourish is at the core of everything we do at Treasured Ministries because we want women to connect with Jesus, the source of life, and share this life with others as they live out of their authentic purpose. The Weekly Word, OnLine OnPurpose, our Nourish Together Groups and the Nourish Bible Study Series all incorporate the Nourish Bible Study Method. When Jesus spoke to women in the Scriptures his words allowed them to see God differently and live differently – Jesus is still speaking to the hearts of women today. He wants to speak to you.

God has an amazing plan for your life, and his truth will nourish your heart for the journey. Discover Nourish and press forward with God’s dream for your life, one bold, beautiful, brave step of faith at a time.

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21 Day Challenge

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Cultivate the life-changing habit of spending time in God’s Word in 21 Days.

Her Nourished Heart

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Get to know the Nourish Bible Study Method with this short introduction to Nourish.

I wanted to share with you that I have had several of the ladies text me that their quiet time has been transformed this week through the Nourish Bible Study Method. They are reading the word with intention and focus and really digging deep.

Jessie Petersen, Bible Study Group Leader

The Nourish Bible Study Method transforms the way you walk with Christ! I’ve known my Lord and Savior for 35 years and tried many worthy bible study methods. Nourish is my favorite by far because it helps me dig deeper, wider and broader into the Lord’s word. The response/IMPACT step allows you to discover God’s application of his word specifically for you. If you want to draw closer to the heart of Jesus, you will want to try the Nourish Bible Study Method. Get ready, the Lord is going to enrich and nourish your life in ways you can’t even imagine!

Ashley Boswell – Founder Shepherd Youth Ranch

We were amazed at how much more in depth we got with the reveal portion of the Nourish Bible Study Method. The IMPACT questions were so helpful in helping us to focus and sort out what each passage was saying to us individually—and then there was great participation as everyone shared their responses! We liked using the method so much that we did a short study of Ruth informally using the Nourish method.

Mary Cunningham, Director of Women’s Ministry Capitol Community Church