Back to Course: 21-Day Challenge

Day 6

Instructor: Aliene Thompson

Class Notes

Yaaasssss! High five to you. Today you will complete part 1 of the 21-Day Challenge.

Included in an attempt to create any habit is a season of figuring things out through trial and error. When you are filled with failure and frustration while working through the normal trial-and-error process to discover what works for you, your habit can become fragile and prone to falling apart.

But when you apply a proven method, you will be encouraged to continue the figuring-out process.

In today’s video discover a proven method for nourishing your soul with God’s Word.

Today’s Assignment

Wrap up the establishment of your Bethel, knowing you can always continue to renovate this location or add to it as your needs change.

Today’s Connect Question

What was the most impactful discovery for you in part 1 of the 21-Day Challenge? What questions do you have from this first part of your journey?

Listen to the audio from today’s video or download it for later below:

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I appreciate part 1. I continue to prayerfully try to time management, a balance early morning with the Lord and my daily routine.. want more time with my Lord and praying for family friends and others,etc . It’s a struggle of time runs out! Keep my in prayer please thank you Jesus!

I do not think I have any questions. I think the challenge for me has been just actually getting up earlier so that I have this time. I didn’t want to. But the impactful discovery is I can do it and it’s not all that bad : )

My aha moment…
God speaking to me to make my living room into my War Room when I’m thinking of a different room. Also Ailene continue to guide us that makes us really think about our time with God and also self check.

Wow, it has taken me 21 days just to get to day 6! My schedule is so not easy to work around. But I am happy to say that I am not throwing in the towel, which I normally would do. Day 3 was/is important to me about giving up something for me to get more time with Jesus. This is a hard one for me…But I will keep on keeping on….

I enjoyed Part 1 thoroughly. An impactful discovery for me was being aware of my actions so that I could identify the lie or false belief that I was believing. I was much more deliberate and watchful of my actions, to identify where I settled for the false belief. Also, creating my Bethel is something I’ve always have wanted to do and this challenge gave me the motivation I needed to do it!

I was impacted with the concept of ONE SMALL CHANGE. Also, having a previously “tried and true” effective method to develop a daily time with God can transfer to other habits I wish to make in areas; such as, fitness, nutrition, and even decluttering my home. I am looking forward to Part 2.

I was impacted today with the comment Ailene made: “You don’t have to spend time figuring it out-its already been done for you…” WOW! I am an organizer, a planner, a class A and what a relief to hear something has been done for me and I do not have to figure it out!

My aha moment:
Day 1, when I had to answer “why” why do I want to do this challenge and after just sitting to think and answering those questions was really an eye opener into my real self.
Today, after listening to day 1-6 I’m realizing that there are so many more reasons why this challenge is a must

Day two is definitely the most impactful for me. Writing up my life and then writing out the truth helped me connect with my vision, the dream God planted into my heart.

Day 6: my biggest take away from day six was the refocus of “having” to have quiet time with the privilege of “getting” to spend this time each day with God, listening as the Holy Sprit speaks to me. What a gift. 🙂

Day 7 my experience has probably been mostly the on Ailene talked about…..the one with daily questions, lecture and getting together to discuss answers. I’ve done it for many years and it’s given me a desire for daily study….. The funny thing is I recently had a friend describing the word that God had given her through a difficult time on several occasions and was intrigued with the idea of God revealing these words to her. Today this is exactly what you’re talking about incoming to God with childlike faith and having him reveal his words to me. I’m looking forward to diving into this and hearing directly from him

Day 6: My aha moment. Is believing how much I mean to God. Especially when I am belittled by others, and devalued. I spend days in depression and suicide thoughts of why am I needed. I PRAY constantly asking GOD why am I here, what is it HE has planned for me, because I really don’t feel I am doing it.. I am in a job I am great at, but I am NOT happy.. So I continue to pray and wait….

Continue to seek God. He wants to be found. His word says in Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.You must marinate in His word and replace the lies the enemy is feeding you with God’s truth!!!

On Day 6 i am reviewing my notes from this week and am most excited to be reminded that God wants to speak personally to each one of us including me! I talk a lot but I am ready to listen to Him and excited to hear what He has to say and where He wants me to go!

I have established my Bethel in my blue chair area of the bedroom. This area is where I have received peace of mind and contentment while doing my hand embroidery and quilting. I use the Ryrie Study Bible and a parallel Bible that has four translations. All my study materials are in place. The blue chair is beside a window that allows me to look out and see my grandchildren playing with their dogs. Ready to start part 2!!!

My big AH HAH in these first 6 days was that the closer I become to figuring out the way to study and become closer to God – the harder the enemy is working on me to cause friction and excuses. When I realized that is what is happening I have more strength to combat this friction and focus on the Word.

Jodi, I have been experiencing the same thing. The snooze on our alarm clock even broke. It goes off every ONE minute now instead of every nine. So, of course I don’t want to hit snooze just to have it go off in one minute so I just turn the alarm off thinking I will get up in a second……but then fall right back asleep.? Getting a new clock!

I think the A Ha moment was the Bethel. There was something in the decluttering the space that made it more special to meet with God. I believe when we decluter the space around us it helps declutter the mind. Also remembering our identity and not how we may have been conditioned to respond. Day 2 was so very helpful!