Back to Course: 21-Day Challenge

Day 5

Instructor: Aliene Thompson

Class Notes

Yesterday we discussed decorating your Bethel and how part of this includes adding in the right tools. I so hope you are enjoying creating your Bethel. Remember, take your time. We will continue to work on this assignment today and tomorrow.

In today’s video, discover how the right tools can transform your quiet time.

Today’s Assignment

Part 2 of your Bethel assignment is to gather your tools and place them in your special place. You can also continue to decorate it with items to make it attractive and reflect your personality.

Today’s Connect Question

What Bible translation do you use? Share why in comments below.

Listen to the audio from today’s video or download it for later below:

Day 4

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I use the NIV now. I use to use NAS. I do like the bible app I have on my phone because I can check several different versions. I find the NIV at this time speaks to me. Occasionally I will find a verse I am unsure of or I want to see how it is written in other translations, and that is when I will look things up.

I like the NIV as well. Another tool I like is I like this site because you can look up the original hebrew or greek words for clarity of what something means.

The Translation I like to use is ESV because It’s easier for me to understand.
The Lord told me to continue to do my bible study in my living room, which now I’ll call it my ‘War Room’.
For several reasons; my couch is comfy and all my bible study tools are in my living room already. My living room decor has some conversation pieces that guests would question such as a Tallit, shofar, anointing oils along with my Bible sitting out, praying that conversations would lead to salvation. The Lord pressed in my heart to start praying in my living room for those who enter my living room, God’s Room. I look forward to God’s goodness as He delights in those who walks in!

I love using the Amplified bible. It has a way of breaking things down for me. Also, I have a parallel bible that has 4 different translations side by side. It’s very helpful when studying specific portions of scripture to compare.

I use The KJV; however, I also open The Bible hub application on my computer. It has 5 different versions side by side. I am still deciding where my special Bethel will be. I live alone in a 1 bedroom condo. I want a place set apart from any other function. I’m thinking of getting a new chair to set next to a small table away from the T.V.

For many years I used the Life Application NIV Bible, then, when it was time to get a new Bible because current one was worn, I purchased a New King James. I don’t know which one of all translations I like as I’ve usually gone with style of Bible-re: maroon leather, to a navy blue so it seems I am color guided rather than translation guided. I usually get used to various translations as I read/study them…

Hi there!
I use the NIV but also I cross reference with The Amplified.
I am liking the nourish notebook but just started on the 21 Day challenge. I’m looking forward to the end of this challenge to start using with study

Deb Schaap
When I read my bible I use the NIV verse. Years ago when I started memorizing scripture that the verse I use , so it has a special place in my heart.

Hello. I am Michelle and a woman of God. I find it natural to pray with and for women. I recently came across Treasured Ministries and was drawn it. This feels comfortable and encouraging. God bless.

I totally use my phone for different translocations and am careful to not get sidetracked. I am a person that needs to touch and hold my Bible. I just love to hold it.

I have a bible that is split down each page. On one side is NIV. On the other side it is the message. I love that bible because sometimes when I am reading the NIV I can start to get lost a little bit with how it is all worded. Reading the messages helps me to better understand the NIV side. However I also still have my bible I received in third grade and I love using that one as well because it reminds me of my hometown church

I received my notebook yesterday, so well put together. I too enjoy reading scripture from my NIV Bible, touching it is so important to me. I will sometimes even hold it against my chest and just breathe it in. My dining room table is my space, my chair faces the sunrise in the morning. Also, I’ve ordered a 3 wick pillar candle to light during my time with the Lord. I went with the 3 wick to remind me of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Hi, I usually use the NIV version on my Bible app on my phone. I am going to start putting my phone on DO NOT DISTURB. Great advice Aliene. I also like the Amplified version because the scriptures are more detailed and if I come across a scripture that I want to learn more about then I can dig a little deeper with this version.

I mostly use the NIV version of the Bible. But I like the You Version application on my phone to be able to flip back and forth between versions. Sometimes I need to read the MSG version to understand a story in the Bible. I also like that my NIV Bible is large print and has notes on the bottom of each page to help me dig deeper into what I’ve read and apply it to my life. It’s called the Life Application Study Bible (NIV)

I was not sure what version to get – I ordered my Bible before I reached day 5. I just received it yesterday. I got the ESV translation. I wanted to get a study bible and this one has a TON of information for study. I hope this is right for me. I did not pray over it – so I am hoping I was lead to what is best for ME! P.S. So happy to be part of this and thank you for all of your work in this Aliene for all of your work on this!