Back to Course: 21-Day Challenge

Day 3

Instructor: Aliene Thompson

Class Notes

Let’s face it! Some days finding the actual time to pull away with God seems to require a miracle close to parting the Red Sea!

As women we juggle so many balls in the air with all the hats we wear. We are nurturers by nature, and can all relate to giving our time to others to the neglect of tending to our own soul. On top of everything, time is a finite commodity – we cannot create more time in our day.

But using what I call the release and replace strategy, you can make room for your time with God.

In today’s video, discover a plan to unlock more time to connect with Jesus and uncover truth to help you become the woman God created you to be.

Today’s Assignment

Start in prayer. Remember, Jesus is the Lord of Sabbath and knows everything about you and can give you direction for a strategy to make room for more time!

Ask for wisdom.

Seek his help for a personalized plan to find time to rest in him through his Word. Prayerfully think through your current habits. What habit could you release completely or cut down to make more room for the life-giving habit of spending time with God?

Then follow the instructions I share at the end of the video to fill in the blanks below and write out this statement inside your Nourish Notebook.

After I _______________, I get to spend time with God for ___________________.

Today’s Connect Question

When did you determine is the best time for you to pull away and spend time with God in his Word?

Share this below along with any other insight you gained from today’s exercise. When we share our experiences, we learn from one another and together conquer the challenge to find more time with God.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Listen to the audio from today’s video or download it for later below:

Day 2

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Mornings are best for me. I get too tired by the end of the day. If I start reading something I tend to start to fall asleep or can’t remember what I read. I need to make my lunch and take a shower the night before so I can have more time for God.

First thing in the morning is ideally when I’d like to spend time with God and in the word, but it doesn’t always workout that way with a toddler and a baby. The next best time for me to pull away would be during our oldest’s quiet time and our youngest’s nap time.

Early to bed , Early I wake up I I get to spend time with God and His Word. When I am driving I get to Praise Him and when I do my 20 minute walk I get to Praise and thanking Jesus for the day.

My time with my Heavenly Father has been early in the mornings. I’m a night person however I’m an early riser so I’ve prefer early AM’s because the Lord knows me so well … I’m very forgetful. If I study at night, I then go to bed not thinking about the study and forget what I’ve learned. With this Nurishing study, adding on the little notes helps me to remember and I take it with me in the car and work so I CAN remember what I have studied and giving the first fruits to God. Release, Replace, Trusting God and asking for wisdom. Finding time in AM’s with God is good and yet my days are very busy and have a tendency to forget my Lord Jesus Christ. The notes helps me to remember! I could say a lot here about this study but in short, this is what I need!! Thank you!

Wow, this was what I needed to hear. I have struggled with having a quiet time for years, sad to say. I work 3 nights, 12 hour shifts per week, babysit grandchildren two nights/days per week and am home 2 full nights/days…so my time is different each day. I plan when I’m home to sit with the Lord after I get my coffee. I like the idea of having my notebook right there being handy. When I wake at my daughter’s house, I sit before the children get up. When I wake from working all night, it’s the hardest because my husband is retired and doesn’t have quiet times or nothing. I will work on setting time after I wake up and taking to husband for a bit. I am hoping that this will stick with me this time…

Before getting out of bed in the morning, I spend time declaring God’s sovereignty over every area of my life and giving Him my body, mind, heart, soul, spirit, will, and even my emotions.
Then after eating lunch, I will choose spend more time in God’s Word, instead of spending time on social media.

I choose to let go of time in converted guest room/office watching movies and because Jesus says, “What? Can you not watch with me one hour?” This means He really wants us to join Him by watching and praying and I will spend time with Him after breakfast in this 21 day challenge and in the evening to watch and pray. I love the direction to release and replace. Makes it fun to make a date with the Creator of the Universe, the Messiah, the Great I AM!

My desire is to spend time with God first thing in the morning. I get to on my days off and really enjoy hearing the birds when I read. On my work days it’s after dinner with my head phones on, except two nights of the week I have Wednesday night church and on Mondays is my women’s ministry meet. Mornings off it’s so much more relaxing and clear minded. Evenings I feel like I’m jamming it in after crunching my mind all day at work. Sometimes I feel I’m just so exhausted I don’t want to do anything, and rushing home to get dinner done it’s hard to sit and relax once you have been in speed mode.
I’m working on changing my mind set, time with God to be my go to relaxer and healing time. I like what she said in the video “The power of the night before” ha my new mantra for sure. It’s all in how I view it and that’s exactly what I’m going to do

Our relationship with God must be our first priority, but don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day. Just get back to it the following day You can always spend time in prayer or praise and worship while you are driving. Those things are also connecting with God.

In this season…After I get my child settled for bed I get to spend time with God.
I am praying for wisdom and direction on the “when and the best time” in the future.

I spend most of my time with God between 9 AM and 10 AM. I specifically Set that time aside to meditate, journal, study his word. I can go all the way up to 11 AM if I need to, if I get super inspired! ?

I use the NIV, NLT and ESV. I find checking several versions helps me hear and understand what the Holy Spirit is saying. I don’t always use multiple version however, if I feel stuck or like I am blocked from hearing from God it helps to check another version.
I may need to “buckle down on when I do my study- it may be I. The morning or in the evening. I want it to be when I am not limited on time.

Today’s talk was great for me because I often felt if I didnt do my quiet time in the morning I wasn’t doing it “right.” And I felt like there was some type of magic number of minutes to spend in study to make it “count”. Today gave me freedom that there is not a magic number of minutes or amount of time. I am excited to get to spend time with God in the evening.

Emily, in Luke 10:38-42 when Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to Him teach it was not first thing in the morning…….not knocking first thing in the morning. That is usually my time.

Day 3: I spend my time with God first thing in the morning, I grab my coffee and get going. I’m the freshest in the morning, it’s quiet as fur kids are still asleep, hubby works nights so it’s the BEST time for our time!!!

After I wake up I get to spend quiet time with God. UNLESS the doggie visitors wake up and need letting out. Then after they get let out and fed and settled and a load of laundry is running I get to spend quiet time with God (but not AS quiet as if I had done it before they awaken). And I’m probably hungry by then. Does anyone struggle like I do?

Day 3. I love spending time with God first thing in the morning. House is quiet, cup of coffee in hand, and I just inhale His goodness. There have been days, as we have all experienced, that don’t go as planned and that time is overshadowed by something else, but I can honestly say that I’ve never once said, after spending time with God on a busy day, “Man, I wish I didn’t have that quiet time.” God’s faithfulness to multiply the time I spend with Him, just as Aliene said, is a truth to which I anchor my soul.

Tracy. Yes. It is a privilege to be able to get up and start your day with the God of the universe! What better way to start your day than with the One who holds it all in His loving hands!