Back to Course: 21-Day Challenge

Day 20

Instructor: Aliene Thompson

Class Notes

The goals of DAY FIVE > CONNECT are to end your week with an encouraging teaching message revolving around the weekly Nourish Scripture and to allow you to connect with others.

We call this teaching the Treasured Tribe Talk. Today you’ll get a taste of what this is like as you watch a teaching message on Exodus 17: 8-16.


Today’s Assignment

Watch the Treasured Tribe Talk and record any notes in the space provided inside your Nourish Notes Page for DAY FIVE > CONNECT.

Today’s Connect Question

What was something new or interesting you learned in today’s passage?

Day 19

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My affirmation – I am a warrior – I am powerful ONLY by the grace of God – ONLY by the strength of God – only if I am plugged in to HIS power! Great analogy on the plug!

What hit me was something a friend of mine once said about not attempting to go to battle with old battle plans. We must receive the new. Ailene said, “Do not devise our own plan, ask the Lord for help. He gives us new battle plan.” and “When we stand in His strength and not our own, the enemy loses!” I did a happy dance in my mind much like what the cartoon character Snoopy does when he is happy…THE ENEMY LOSES!!! GOD WINS!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“God is glorified in our battles when we stand in HIS strength “

It’s so hard not to try to jump ahead of God and figure things out ourselves. Our pride trips us up so often.

I pray that we all can always remember the battle is won. To God be glory all if it. Forever

Deb Schaap
Praise God, Yesterday I was blessed to share the Exodus passage with my daughter who had a struck in September. She is only 40 years old. To Share how her dad and I are praying for her and her husband and little daughter. That God is fighting for them. I also share the passage with our small group last night. God is my Banner.

Day 20. God has been bringing 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 to my mind since I’ve read the Exodus 17:14. He has connected the two verses for me in that through my battles His will is for me to rejoice always, pray continuously, and give thanks. Not easy during battles! But he does this so that I will not forget his goodness. So that I will not forget he is my strength, my Banner, and my Savior! In the Nourish Notebook I’m able to write down battles and how God has seen me through, really fulfilling what he is saying here… to write down and remember!! It’s amazing to me how God connects all this for me personally. He is a God that guides me in EVERY circumstance. I will raise my hands, just as Moses did, and praise his name knowing he has won the war.

Day 20 – My AH HA for in the message today was that Satan’s trump card is PRIDE! No wonder I struggle! When I say I got this, I can handle this, then frustration, despair, depression….all come in. So happy for this reminder that I God is my power source. I need to rely on that source. My strength is endless when I stand WITH God!

Amalek had no respect or reverance to God. They had other Gods. It is almost a picture of fleshly deeds and Almighty God wanted them to know he Will fight for them now and in future. He was teaching them to honor him.