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Day 2

Instructor: Aliene Thompson

Class Notes

Our culture of crazy provides plenty of frustrating friction to finding time to spend with God in his Word. For years I remained frustrated because I was trying to fix the wrong thing first.

When you try to change your behavior without first addressing your core beliefs, it’s only a matter of time before frustration will find you. To cultivate the habit of spending time with God, you must first address core beliefs about your identity in Christ.

In today’s video discover the truth about who you are in Christ and unlock the first key to experiencing the peace that flows from God’s presence.

Today’s Assignment

Download the God’s Truth PDF. Prayerfully review the chart. Choose one truth that you want to renew your mind to. Look up the corresponding scriptures and write one verse on an index card, sticky note, or sheet of paper. Put this on your bathroom mirror so you can see it every morning.

Today’s Connect Question

What “frictions” in the form of false beliefs from today’s assignment could you relate to? What other false-belief frictions do women face that prevent them from spending time in God’s presence?

Listen to the audio from today’s video or download it for later below:

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Not being worthy. I don’t see my own value. When someone complements me I have a hard time accepting it. I need to remind myself that God sees my value and wants a relationship with me. He has done some miraculous things in my life, but I still doubt. Spending more time in reading His word and praying is what I need. Also, recognizing when Satan is trying to get into my mind with fault hoods.

That is a struggle for many of us. That is why in the Nourish Bible Study Method on the Day 3 Respond step part of our IMPACT question is “C-Core Identity in Christ to Confirm.” We need to constantly be reminding ourselves who we are in Christ!

I think it is easy to start to believe the lies that satan tells us and the lies that the world feeds to us. My worth and value is not determined by how successful I am by worldly standards, what others think of me, my career, my appearance, etc. My worth and value is determined by God and his opinion of me is the only one that matters.

Friction- My needs are not as important as the needs of my family. I have to meet everyone’s needs first before my own. When I follow this practice the day is pretty much gone sometimes by the time I can do anything I need to be a healthy person and follower of Christ.

This is very common for most women. Remember you cannot pour from an empty cup. You need to position yourself to receive from God and be filled by Him then you will be able to give to others from the overflow.

False belief that I could relate to is:
I must be perfect to spend time with God and I must perform well to justify God wanting to spend time with me.
Truth: Jesus has opened the door to God because of HIS perfection. I can approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that I will receive mercy and find the grace to help me in my weakness and times of trouble or need. His power is made perfect in my weakness and neediness.
Other frictions women could be facing…
*Friction- I’ll get to it later, I’ll have more time to focus on it and find the truth I’m missing. ( time escapes…never get to it.)
*Friction- Self will- I’ve got to get to the bottom of this, I need to be obedient. Never get to the bottom of it…shame, avoidance, shame, eventually give up.

Kathy this is so true. It is sometimes hard to come boldly before the throne because we are well aware of our inadequacies and sins. These things cause us to feel shame and to want to hide. But you are so right Jesus has opened the door to God because of His perfection! Praise be to God!!!

LIE: I don’t have the ability that others have to hear God speak to me. Even when I am quiet, I have trouble recognizing God’s voice I am not a “good enough Christian”. There’s something wrong with me. I compare myself with others that I feel are good Christians. I’ll never measure up.

TRUTH: I need to rely on the Holy Spirit to make known to me what God wants me to know. It’s not by my power; but, that of the Holy Spirit’s.

LIE: Because I believed this lie more than I believed God’s Word, it was a self fulfilling prophecy :
I have sinned so my Father will beat me up and I deserve it! (Car accident 5-5-08 with broken neck, brachial plexus injury,broken wrist and fingers, – Spinal problem and vertebrae falling together to take curve out of my back and have flat back syndrome, diabetes neuropathy, Influenza A 12-28-19 and in hospital 8 days and on ventilator,many problems too many to mention)
TRUTH: the atonement of Jesus not only saved my soul, it heals my body for by His stripes I am healed. Isaiah 53:5, I Peter 2:24
LIE: Because I have broken every commandment in heart or in action, I am the chaff and not the wheat.the
TRUTH: it is the devil who kills, steals and destroys, but the Lord gives LIFE. John 10:10
The Holy Spirit fruit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering:against such there is no law. I go and prepare a place for you!If it were not so, I would have told you-John 14:1-3
Bottom line: I deserve every bad thing because I sinned against heaven. The truth is He died for even me.

I need to believe and know that I am enough for God and that where I am at with my relationship with God is where I need to be. I will grow my relationship by seeking his wisdom and strength and I need not worry about other peoples relationships with God and how I compare. There is no comparison!!

My friction is that I’ve tried to connect to God through prayer and bible study and I don’t seem to grow in my faith; therefore, I am not worthy.

If you have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior YOU ARE WORTHY. That is the only thing that makes any of us worthy to approach His throne. Hebrews 4:16 tells us to come “BOLDLY” before His throne of grace where we will find mercy and grace to help us. We are able to approach His throne because Jesus is our Great High Priest.-Hebrews 4:14-15. The thought that you are not worthy is a lie from the enemy if you have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. If you are in Christ then you need to stop believing the enemies lie and approach God’s throne boldly as His word says.

Pray big, bold prayers and believe that we are worthy of what we deserve. God wants that for us. Big friction for me! I think that women half-heartedly follow Christ believe that they have to earn His blessings with good works, and they won’t get them when they think they’ve disappointed God.

I relate the most with the lie “If I don’t have my quiet time in the morning, I’m a terrible Christian”. I definitely carry “quiet time guilt”! I can also identify with measuring my success as a Christian by matching how much time I spend in Bible study.

My friction is I have so much to do in such a short time. I feel pulled in many directions
I have a tremendous amount of guilt when I don’t spend time with the Lord and I can get mad and irritated easily about it

My friction— If I spend time with God I won’t have time to do anything else. False. God multiplies what we sow♥️
My scripture:
Seek first his
kinngdom AND his righteousness and all these things WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU AS WELL

Spending time meditating on my Lord and focusing on what he wants for me today is so soothing before I go out. I am learning to breathe in deeply and focus and stay calm. Jesus is walking next to me each and everyday. Thank you Aliene for teaching and reminding us of who we are in Christ, and thank you prayer warriors for putting on your war paint for sisters in Christ. Amen!

I read through the document and none of those lies really pinpointed what I feel. I think the biggest lie that I am currently dealing with is this.

Lie: Is this vision that I have of my future self really from you?

I question because it’s taking so long to get to it. I keep the vision before me daily, yet there seems to be no forward momentum to get there. Is it really going to be a reality? Are you really going to bless me in the ways necessary to accomplish it?

Truth: You desire great things for me. I am empowered by you. You are able to do more than I ask or can even imagine. You know the plans for me, plans to give me hope and a future. You have awakened these dreams within me and will be faithful to bring them to completion.

Self reliance because of staying too busy is a struggle for me. I tell myself, “God knows my heart and he knows how much I have to do so spending time with him is not in my schedule because it takes time away from everything else.” To counteract that, spending time with him first thing in the morning and giving him my first fruits is really trusting him and casting down the lie of self reliance.

I’m Sandy – I’m praying with the 21 day challenge (and our corporate Daniel fast in my church), I will be able to better apply God’s word to my life daily, deeper understanding; to become more and more intimate with Jesus and to gain clarity in my purpose. I’m excited!!!

For me: Day 2-my frictions are I am not worthy enough. Even after all my therapy, all the scripture/prayers, reassurance from friends I still don’t believe this. I have snip its of thoughts where I do believe. Then my boss makes me feel stupid(her word choices & tone, very disrespectful to me) because I did something wrong, or not fast enough etc. I grew up being verbally abused from my family, teachers and friends so this is something I have always had in my life. Unworthiness!!!
I think most women today feel they don’t have time and feel guilty about that, as most women are students, mom’s, have full time jobs etc. And study time is most often the one thing that we get out of the habit of..

You are right Carol. “Marinating in God’s presence magnifies our identity in Christ” my favorite quote from day 2. The more you “marinate” the more you will believe it.

Day 2 –
The “I have so much to do” lie resonated with me. Also I think I have so little energy now (at age 60) than I used to and at times run out of energy to accomplish what I think I should. So for me to take a chunk of day to sit still and study Gods word causes anxiety because I am assuming things will get left undone.

The scripture Matthew 6:33 reminds me to “seek first His kingdom”. And psalm 23:3 states that He refreshes my soul.

In these truths I must trust. My time with the Lord is a gift to me and also a gift to Him. The time Spent with God betters how I can , in turn, care for others.

“I have so much to do” is a lie the enemy feeds us all!! We have to allow Him to fill us before we are truly able to give what He wants us to give for His purposes.

Day 2 I think many people look to pastors, small group leaders or anyone else who is “more knowledgeable ” for guidance instead of talking to God directly. I can praise Him and thank Him and bear my soul to Him but I am not confident in hearing his answers. This is what I would love to gain during this study!

Day 2 The friction and false belief I related to the most is quiet time guilt. If I’m not able to spend time with Him in the morning, I feel guilty. But I choose to remember Isaiah 51:16-17. God doesn’t delight in sacrifice, he simply wants my heart… broken and contrite. So even 5 minutes of quiet, open, honest, and authentic prayer and a study of His Word—any time of day—He delights in. I love my quiet time in the morning, but sometimes life happens, and plans change—it’s okay! He is always there, any time of the day!

Great word Shannon!!! This is such an encouragement to those of us who struggle with the guilt. God does not want us just going through the motions. Thank you for sharing.

This spoke volumes to me. It is good to know that I am not the only one to feel this way or go through these lies. I think that sometimes instead of confessing to God we are angry with him we push him away and give him a little of the silent treatment. I am asking for God to reveal these false beliefs to me. I tend to go to him more on the good days and maybe feel a little unworthy on the bad days. Thank you for the pdf!?