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Day 19

Instructor: Aliene Thompson

Class Notes

In the rush of our crazy world, pausing to ask God to pull out one truth for me to savor the rest of the week is just so sweet. I love the Renew day of study.

Turn to DAY FOUR > RENEW and watch the video. Ask Jesus to reveal your truth to treasure.

Today’s Assignment

Follow the three steps found on the DAY FOUR > RENEW page inside your Nourish Notes. ClicK HERE if you want to see my notes.

Today’s Connect Question

What was your Anchor of Truth?

Listen to the audio from today’s video or download it for later below:

Day 18

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Exodus 17: 14a, God has Moses write down what happened and to make sure Joshua hears it. God provides the victory! I need to just claim it. He wanted Joshua to know there would be battles and God would be with him, but the victory was His. I need to remember in my life that God didn’t promise smooth sailing and no troubles. I need to rest in Him and know that even though I have battles, He has already won and the victory is secure.

I was thinking of this same thing this morning!! There will always be trouble and opposition even when following God’s plan!! Thanks for your encouragement!

As I read my bible today, I was led to move to Genesis 32. As I prepared for a bible study, a dream ( posted by another) & two devotionals led me to Jacob’s wrestle with God. As our nation is undergoing so much turmoil – this was on my heart. As our nation, President Trump, our leaders, our churches & our religious freedoms are on my heart too! This was yet a reminder of my anchor of truth. God is always faithful – even when I may not be! Tami

Yes, all these things are weighing heavy on me now as well!!! We have to keep in mind that God is all powerful, all knowing and omnipresent (everywhere at one time). If we know all these things then we know that He is sovereign over whatever happens. This is a great comfort to me.

Here is a Class A personality comment before I share my Anchor of truth. Ailene- we go Exodus 17: 8-16, not thru vs 15. Sorry all you need is to be corrected and I am sorry, but… ;>)

My Anchor of truth is summarized in thoughts about all of the verses…Aaron and Hur are representative of intercessors or intercession-How when we come alongside another and say we will pray for them perhaps we will be called to intercession which is deeper than just praying. My anchor of truth is that we must do what we say…Moses said I will. The Lord said to Moses, Write and read…Moses did and recounted, said, to Joshua. So… we must do what we say. This is truth. God always does what He says He will do. He fights for us and He does what HE has told us He will. I fight battles and with the Lord I see victory! I am victorious through Him!

Deb Schaap
My anchor of truth for Day 4>renew came from my reading in Reveal time from a cross reference: 1Timothy 6:12 “Fight the good fight of Faith.” As I trust God to fight for me I depend on Him not me.

Day 19: My anchor of truth is that we are made for community. I don’t have to do hard things alone. I can surround myself with like minded people that will help me work with excellence to accomplish what God is calling me to do.

Day 16 My big bold Prayer is for my son Grant. He has had 10 rough years and God has carried us all the way…he is now 24 and at a deeciion point…awaiting acceptance to PhD program and also has knee injury limiting his triathalon training and 1/2 ironman competition. GOD has given him exercise to combat mental health issues. I pray for healing of his knee and brain! And clear guidance for next step!!!

Day 19- My Anchor of Truth …. Exodus 17:15 – The Lord is my Banner. This has resonated in my mind several times this week while we have been studying this passage. He will provide, just look to Him to lead the way and watch for the Banner!!