Back to Course: 21-Day Challenge

Day 18

Instructor: Aliene Thompson

Class Notes

Mmm, mmm, mmm. The Lord is our banner. Now that is a wonderful reminder to savor.

Get ready to dive in deeper to our Nourish scripture this week. Turn to DAY THREE > RESPOND and watch the video.

Remember, for this section you may not have an answer to all six IMPACT questions, and that is okay!

Today’s Assignment

Follow the three steps found on the DAY THREE > RESPOND page inside your Nourish Notes. My notes are attached HERE.

Today’s Connect Question

Give a shout-out to the group. What did you learn that was new or interesting?

Listen to the audio from today’s video or download it for later below:

Day 17

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I am under His banner. I am part of His community. I am not alone. I hate to ask for help. I realize that is not what God wants. I have been self reliant. Asking for help has always been difficult. God is showing me that I need to open up to my weakness and ask others for their help. Relying on others will open me up to my community and help me become more involved and part of it.

I am not skilled at prayer and hope to change that. I think what spoke to me was the way Moses just stood there, no matter how hard it was, and just kept praying with his staff up. Then of course when it was too hard to do alone he received help. This reveled to me that I pray like a weakling. I pray petty little prayers that pack no punch. I start prayers sometimes and do not even finish them.

Kayla this is one of the reasons I LOVE the prayer sheets in the Nourish Notebook. Using them has completely transformed my prayer life. I love that we start off by worshipping God with His attributes at the top, this totally gets your mindset on how big He is and how confident we can be in Him, then praising Him for what He has done. Writing my requests down has given me so much focus and clarity and added so much power to my prayers. It has also encouraged me to start praying the Word over my family and myself. If I start to get distracted then I just have to look back at my prayer sheets and get right back on track. Plus I love that if I start feeling discouraged during the day I can look back at the attributes of God I am focusing on that week and be encouraged.

I think I realized that the Lord wants us to reach out to Him. When we don’t reach to Him, the battle is lost for without Him, we are not victorious. So hand up in praise, seeking Him, He reaches down to help… When I was first born again I was laying in bed, telling God I loved Him. In my minds ear I heard Him say, lift up your arms and I said that I would be embarrassed. He said, “Jan, there is no one here to look!” So when I lifted my arms, love came down on me in waves of what I call liquid love. It was amazing as I experienced God for the very first time!

That is beautiful! I like to lift up my hands when I am alone during my quiet time sometimes also. Your are right. It is like He reaches back out!

Day 18. Today God revealed an action step that really spoke to my heart. It comes from verse 14. I so quickly and easily forget how God answers my prayers and fights my battles. Verse 14 reminds me to write it down and say it out loud in prayer and praise so that I remember His strength. That’s exactly what this 21-Day Challenge and Nourish Notebook is doing for my spiritual growth. It’s been like a lamp God has used to light the path and guide the next step He wants me to take.

Day 18 – I did a little research on what does “banner” mean. I went to Blue Letter Bible and looked up that verse. It linked to Gen 22:14 – …”The Lord will provide”. So it made me think of a banner waving high that I can always see to provide guidance. I need to look to that banner daily.

I am just logging on to the 21 challenge I am into this challenge because I want to grow spiritually be fervent in prayer and study of the word of God to nurture my children in the way of the Lord

I had a lot of the same things, I need to not be as self reliant. Image of God to trust is he fights for us! He sends people to help us if we get weary, so we are not alone.

Yes, Tracy, it is not a one man show. In the passage Moses held up his hands by himself until he grew weary. Then Aaron and Hur helped him. Joshua was doing his part on the battlefield leading the soldiers. There were lots of people involved while God’s plan was unfolding. We were meant to work together!