Back to Course: 21-Day Challenge

Day 17

Instructor: Aliene Thompson

Class Notes

You are in the home stretch, treasured one! Turn to DAY TWO > REVEAL of your Nourish Notes Pages and watch the video.

Let’s get started!

Today’s Assignment

Follow the three steps found on the DAY TWO > REVEAL page and dive into the Nourish Scripture of the week, Exodus 17:8-16. If you would like to see an example, my Nourish Notes Pages can be downloaded HERE.

Today’s Connect Question

What did God reveal to you during this day of study through his Word? Share with the group.

Listen to the audio from today’s video or download it for later below:

Day 16

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The rod of God or staff of God is truth. It is Spiritual guidance from the Holy Spirit to keep me on track, it’s the Supernatural of God(signs wonders miracles) Moses, Aaron and Hur were the three strand Cord uneasily broken. We need God, we need each other. Uplifting one another come along side to helpIt is important to write down our victories in Christ Jesus. A book of remembrance.

Sometimes we try to do things on our own. We think we are weak if we ask for help. Moses knew he would need help. I need to ask others and not try to do everything on my own. Also, writing things down. God knows we easily forget. I like the stating out loud the affirmations.

I drew a blank yesterday and thought if I gave it a night I would know what to say and what the Lord said. I am still drawing no specific Word or thought from the Lord. So, onward to day 18!

Day 17: verse 12 states Aaron and Hur held his hands up, one on one side, one on the other, so that his hands remain steady until sunset.

This calls me to journal several things. One was that this phrase reminds me to work with excellence. They didn’t halfway hold up Moses his arms, or let them shake a little because they were exhausted. They used all their strength, all their might, to make sure Moses his arms were raised high and steady. I bet they were more exhausted than Moses. Right now I am not working my business or even caring for myself and my personal goals with excellence. This was a great reminder that everything we do needs to be done with excellence and even holy exhaustion. 😉

Day 17 – God revealed to me that I need to remember I am NEVER alone in any battle and I need to rely on those around me to help…request that help and be humbled to accept that help. I don’t need to be in any battle by myself!! I am blessed!

Great insight Jodi. It is hard for most of us to accept help, but we are denying others the opportunity to exercise their gifts and serve the Lord through serving us. We also need to be serving others.

Day 17. God revealed to me the power of lifting my hands to him in battles. Lifting my hands in prayer and petition doesn’t mean the battle stops, unit it means I depend on the Lord and I am “winning” as the NIV states. I’m victorious in Christ!