Back to Course: 21-Day Challenge

Day 14

Instructor: Aliene Thompson

Class Notes

Life throws curve balls!

Having a strategic Bible reading plan to remain steady helps keep you on course. Because structure is essential to our success, when we developed the Nourish™ Notebook, we realized the importance of offering plans to use with your notebook that would allow us to walk alongside you.

Watch today’s video and then take time to discover which Bible reading plan is best for you!

Today’s Assignment

Consider the different options shared inside today’s video, and learn more about our Treasured Tribe Membership. Whether you prefer to pick a book or passage in the bible to study at your own pace, or you choose to become a Treasured Tribe Member and do one of the She Is Treasured Bible Studies, remember the most important thing is that you are spending daily time with Jesus! The enemy will do everything in his power to distract you and take you away from having your daily time with the Lord, so it is important to have a plan and set yourself up for success by having everything set up so it is easy to dive into the Word each and every day.

Decide on the right plan for you so when the 21-Day Challenge ends, you’ll be ready to continue this awesome habit of daily Bible study you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

Today’s Connect Question

What plan did you choose? Share in the comments section. If you have questions about any of the plans, ask away. We’re here to help!

FYI: You’ll notice that today there are no more note pages inside the 21-Day Challenge section of your notebook. This is because starting tomorrow with day 15, you will use the pages found behind your Nourish™ Notes tab.

Day 13

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I am prayfully considering the She is treasured Bible Studies plan. Interested in the membership program. How much is it a month,etc will checkout website. Thank you. God Bless you all ! Betty cell 9109884455

Yesterday, I thought I would have to be a Facebook person to be in the study and I knew I could not do this for various reasons. But today I feel a bit foolish because I can see there are other options. I should have known better (ok ok, shoulda, woulda, coulda!!!) as I can see there are always other options if the Lord is involved and wants us to keep on! I bought the three options because I am one who like to handle and touch when making a decision and I know I would do all three eventually. Onward! Looking forward to tomorrows study! ;>)

I’m a list maker. I love crossing out items as I complete them. So making plans should come easily to me but the older I get the less focused I seem. Today’s lesson led me to Proverbs 16:3. That verse really spoke to me in a great way. The first nine verses of this chapter speaks of God’s ultimate control over human activity. Verse 3 basically tells you to roll your troubles and anxieties on to the Lord, they are not TOO great for HIM. Praise be to the Lord!!!

I think I did it right to sign up for devotions but it doesn’t start until Jan. I am going to give this all a go before becoming a partner. I might download an e course until Jan 16th. Is there one you recommend to start?

Good morning Tracy, you did sign up for the Nourish Devotions correctly, however they have not been transferred to our new website yet. They will be up by the end of the week. Thank you for being patient with us as we make this transition. I know it can be frustrating. The whole last week of the 21 Day challenge is walking through using the Nourish Bible Study method so you should have something to study for each day of this week. As a reminder, the Treasured Tribe will begin the 21 Day Challenge on Jan. 16th. We will immediately move into “Godly Girl Power”, a study on the book of Ephesians, using our Nourish Notebooks. We hope you will plan to join us in the Tribe as we go through this study together.