Back to Course: 21-Day Challenge

Day 13

Instructor: Aliene Thompson

Class Notes

Welcome to part 3 of the 21-Day Challenge. In the last part of this challenge we are going to walk through a week of your Nourish Notes Pages together.

But before we start, I want you to begin thinking about putting two vital elements into place before the challenge ends: a partner and a plan.

Today I am going to talk about partnering with others to study, and tomorrow we will tackle the importance of having a plan.

Nothing will sustain your habit of Bible study more than community, but these vital connections do not always come easy. Learn more about authentic friendship with our FREE Authentic Friendship eBook.

In today’s video, I share my own story of putting walls around my heart after experiencing hurt inside the church community. I describe how the power of love broke those walls down and brought me together with a group of women who changed my life (

If you are currently leading a Nourish Together group or are interested in leading one but not sure where to start, download our FREE Nourish Together Leader’s Guide eBook.

Today’s Assignment

  1. Ask Jesus what your next baby step should be.
  2. Develop a plan to follow through.

Today’s Connect Question

What is your next baby step toward building community? Share with the group.

Day 12

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I need to ask the women in my small group about joining me in this study method. I want to be able to talk to others and share in what I am reading and learning. I will ask on Sunday if the one that goes to my church would like to learn more and join me.

I am joining the treasured tribe on FB. I would love to start a group in my neighborhood, but I do not feel comfortable due to COVID 🙁 I will when this mess is over!

We are so glad to have you in the Tribe. We have just begun our study of Joshua. I hope you will use your Nourish Notebook and study along with us!!! There are posts in the Tribe each morning to help you follow along. We love to hear how the Lord is speaking to you as you study His word so please comment on the posts and let us know!!! ? ?

I have a good friend who has been wanting to do a study together. We don’t see each other often, except maybe one night a week at work. I told her about the Nourish Notebook & 21 day challenge study I got. To this day she’s not been able to order it. But today an order will be going in for her, from me. This lesson today is what we both need for our community with each other. Thank you!!!!

Your testimony on how the Lord is using this study in your life in an encouragement for me and others! Doing Bible Study in community is always beneficial to us as the Holy Spirit speaks to us all individually and we can learn so much from each other. ?

Well. to say I am experiencing great sadness and disappointment is an understatement. Do you have an option for those of us who do not belong to Facebook and never will. And, I am disabled with a diagnosis called “Flat Back Syndrome” Which simply means that I had a fusion in my low back in 1990. Now, thirty years later my vertebrae above the fusion lost disc space and I lost the curve in my lower back. This causes my pelvis to tilt backward and then my body goes forward. I was a Registered Nurse Director of Nursing and an Educator and well I led a very active life until the last few years. So I am praying for a miraculous healing of my low back so I wont have the 6-8 hr surgery to remove old hardware, put curve back, to put new metal in, and to bring pelvis up and bar it together to be stable. Many are agreeing with me in prayer for this miracle healing. So my baby step today is telling you all of this. Corona Virus and a New Year hospitalization with Influenza A, naturally delayed the surgery that was scheduled and I see this as a gift to delay the previously scheduled surgery and give me more time to seek the Lord with all my heart. I have asked close friends to agree in prayer with me. So- help! How do I fit in as I couldn’t even go to Treasured Tribe without Facebook??? Sorry so long of a post.

I have a small study group – me and Shan. She is actually who got me started on the 21 day challenge. My next Baby Step is to make our study time a PRIORITY. Calendar it, make it an appointment and show up ready to study and share!