Back to Course: 21-Day Challenge

Day 12

Instructor: Aliene Thompson

Class Notes

Knowing you need to mediate on God’s Word is vital, but if you don’t have a clear plan for putting this into practice, it is hard to get started.

Today we get practical so you can begin putting biblical meditation into practice and see the transformation that can take place by renewing your mind to God’s Word.

Today’s Assignment

For three minutes, meditate on your Anchor of Truth. Focus on the truth. Pray the truth. Say the truth. Renew your mind to the truth.

Today’s Connect Question

What was your experience like today as you meditated on God’s Word?

Listen to the audio from today’s video or download it for later below:

Day 11

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It’s a little like memorizing Bible verses and praying. This summer I have been reading the Psalms and started praying them. It felt good. I use to memorize verses and have been thinking about going back to it. It is good to recall a verse when you need it.

Thank you! This helps immensely as I certainly know how to meditate on a problem. I too struggle sometimes with shutting down my mind & keeping stray thoughts from popping up. This doesn’t seem to happen as much when it is problem though.

I do struggle with my thoughts taking me captive. I notice that sometimes when I am praying I end up thinking about the days grocery run, or chores, etc. SO this is a skill I need to practice on.

I posted earlier in the study about the book by Francis Frangipane,”The Three Battlegrounds” and these three are the mind, the church, and heavenly places…You would think by having read the book years ago, I would have the battleground of the mind settled. Not… Anyway, this is the first time I have direction as to how to practice taking the battleground of the mind and well, needless to say my mind is like a rebellious child! Started with getting off of the word accepted and went to thinking what beloved means and word searches on that took precedent over centering on the word written down on anchor of truth card, ” ACCEPTED” So I read Scripture out loud, verse 6 and accepted-I am accepted and also as I am accepted in the beloved I then become part of the beloved for others. I rambled in meditating the Word much like I am reporting this session and went longer than 3 minutes. This whole thing was hard for me but a beginning of excitement to know God is really doing something in and for me and others who have done or will do this Nourish Notebook and the 21 day challenge~

Day 12: I have to be honest. This was the hardest day for me. I am a movement person so sitting still and meditating is hard for me. But I really enjoyed intentionally reminding myself of my anchor of truth. And when my mind started to stray to my grocery list I just kept reminding myself how amazing that truth was and I would repeat it several times and that helped me to re-center.

I love meditating on God’s word. Are usually put on some soft nature background music and just start with focusing on my breathing and where my breath is coming from. I love stating out gratitude and then moving to scripture that God brings to my mind. This was a beautiful experience.

Loved the exercise to take 3 minutes and meditate. Verses in Ephesians 1:4 and 1:7 are memory verse of mine however— meditating and praying them gave a new life to them for me. Words that became bold were Chosen, Loved, Kindness, Grace, Freedom!,
Now I will say …. I did have moments of drifting thoughts but stopped and redirected them…….kinda like the GPS map lady when you take a wrong turn “redirecting” ?

For me, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the three minutes went by. I really focused, shut everything out and submersed myself in my anchor. It was almost like I felt renewed and refreshed afterward. I’m sure all days will not be like this, but I loved it today!! Thank you!

Jodi, love love love what you said here – “submersed myself in my anchor”…beautiful and so thankful you are on this journey. Love, Aliene