If we were to share a cup of coffee together, you would quickly learn that I love to cook and that family dinnertime is my absolute favorite time of the day. I share that precious time—and my life—with my two sons and my husband, Jim.  My sons are eighteen and fifteen years old, so I am on the heels of becoming an empty nester! I look forward to long walks and open talks with close friends. I love to write and thrill at the way words can be woven together to create something beautiful to share with others.

As we sipped our coffee, our conversation would be open and real. Authenticity is now essential to me, although that was not always the case. A sifting season interrupted my life and changed me. Losing everything I thought was important allowed me to live differently by seeing differently—walking by faith in Jesus’s words. I am no longer committed to perfection or people pleasing—just the pursuit of following Jesus to live an authentic faith-filled life. Some days I am better at this than others, but I do love this journey I am on–walking by faith one step of faith at a time, one day at a time. This adventure is one I hope we can experience together through Treasured Ministries.

Jesus’s words continue to change my life, and they can change your life too—one bold, beautiful, brave step of faith at a time.  Here’s to your journey of living an authentic faith-filled life and becoming the woman God created you to be.