Ten Tips to Tame Your Lips

Treasured One,

Are you ready to make a slight shift that will change your life?

There is a habit so ingrained in women they may not even realize the harm it is doing to them. That habit is self-deprecation and talking down to yourself. It seems small, and each phrase may be quick and even buried under humor or truth, but it still gets in the way of God-fidence and the inner peace Jesus died to give you!

It’s time to take back territory from the enemy by using our lips to speak words of life and inviting others to do the same! When we wield truth as our weapon, that truth leaves no space for lies to inhabit. God treasures us, and when we talk that way, we acknowledge our value, and our talk becomes our walk leading to life-change.

I am on this journey with you!

Together, let’s shine a light on the words we speak, dismantle the habits we have of seeing ourselves as less than what Christ has called us to, and experience life and peace.

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