Prodigal Son

When a mother experiences the loss of a prodigal son or daughter, the wound can linger for a long time. Shame pushes them to hide their pain, causing them to feel all alone. Grief often has no place to go, and so it continues to live in the company of unanswered questions. If this is your story, you are not alone. Today, my podcast guest Mary Ann Sibley, shares her story of her prodigal son and how God is redeeming this pain through the gift of serving others – one day at a time.  Mary Ann Sibley is the founder of Matter’s Spark and leads a private Facebook group for prodigal parents. Find encouragement today with her story, and please share with any women who you know are walking down this road. Thank you for sharing your story with our Treasured Tribe, Mary Ann. We just love you!  

Below are links to the books mentioned in today’s episode:

Prodigals and Those That Love Them

Prayers for Prodigals

The Hope of a Homecoming – Entrusting Your Prodigal to a Sovereign God

Lament for a Son

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