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Gain Strength by Leaning into Jesus and Pushing Back the Insecurities of Your Past

confident, bold, and abundant

How Do I Know God’s Purpose for My Life?

The new mercies of God given to me every morning help me overcome the obstacles that pop up in my path every day. You see, the enemy of our souls knows that the more we press into Jesus for strength, the more healing we will experience. So, he places doubt before us every day, blocking us from our breakthroughs by using the insecurities from our past. And he also understands that biblical truths heal soul hurts, and he wants to keep you stuck in your past instead of moving forward.

I don’t know about you, but the enemy’s attacks seem to always follow those crystal-clear experiences I have had in the presence of God.

It’s as if Satan knows God has created something amazing for me on my journey ahead, and he’s compelled to bring up my past to throw me off.

Treasured one, I am here to tell you that this is when we need to hit the pause button and position ourselves to find the truth.

This is the purpose of our Treasured Tribe. The devotions, weekly messages, and online community all provide daily accountability in your journey and a way to enter into a place of confidence and security to be authentic, which allows us to make wise decisions that equip us to be the women God created us to be.

When the Good Shepherd is asking you to follow Him by taking a brave step of faith, and you aren’t sure which path He is pointing to, you can find confirmation and direction by asking these questions…

  • Does this step reflect God’s character?
  • Does this direction reflect the Council of God, which is the Bible?
  • Does this direction produce the fruit of the Spirit?
  • Is the voice I am hearing a still, calm voice, not a condemning one?
  • Is the Holy Spirit highlighting scripture for me?

In short, any word you receive from the Lord as to a direction He wants to move in your life will never disagree with the Bible or character of God.

God is never the author of confusion. If confusion rears its head as you are in the midst of a decision, then press pause, pray, and spend time in the Word until you get a clear answer. When He has made it clear, there will be a calmness within you, and then it is time to act.

Surround yourself with voices that keep you grounded in truth and confidence.

And finally, whatever God is asking you to do, He will not let it pass until He has securely brought you into the “new land.” For me, this is an echo that seems to resound in various areas of my life that speak to the passage the Holy Spirit is highlighting for me.

These are the types of topics we dive into through Treasured Tribe Devotions. We begin to connect to Jesus to find our purpose and path in life. We unlock timeless truths throughout scripture that reveal the steps we can take today to make a difference for our tomorrows.

Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions for a Woman’s Purpose

I used daily devotionals as a tool to jump-start my days, yet I was still left feeling empty by the time the sun went down. I didn’t need more words to read; I needed God’s Word to reach my soul. I needed it to come to life within me.

He is the Potter, and I am the clay. I wanted him to shape me into a new creation in Christ and speak to my heart in a way that would reveal my purpose for His kingdom.

Are you missing Jesus in the midst of the daily devotions like I was?

I went through many trials as I tried to fit outside sources into a God-shaped hole in my life. This is why I began Nourish Bible Study Method. And as a result, I discovered enormous treasures in even the smallest passages of His Word.

Suddenly, I wasn’t compelled to read more for the sake of knowledge, but to reap more from the seeds Jesus planted in my heart.

“You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me!” – John 5:39

What Can I Expect from Treasured Tribe?

Here is what you can expect with Treasured Tribe:

  • A Treasured Tribe Devotion email will be sent to your inbox on Monday mornings following the devotion schedule found below.
  • A weekly scripture, to which you can apply the Nourish Bible Study Method, will be featured at the bottom of the devotion.
  • You will have access to a Treasured Tribe Facebook community where you can connect with others as we come together to unpack even more truth from the Treasured Tribe Devotions  through our Treasured Tribe Talks.
  • We will walk through the steps of the Nourish Bible Study Method together and give you an opportunity to share how God is working your life on a daily basis.
  • A daily plan to spend time in God’s Word and the accountability you need to cultivate a life-changing habit that leads you to your purpose to nourish others.
  • Treasured Tribe Talk will be live on Facebook on Thursdays following our weeks of study, or you can catch it at a later time on the Treasured Tribe Facebook page.
  • You will receive weekly questions during our weeks of study that you can use for extra study or within a small group setting to take your time in God’s Word to the next level.

Let’s seek Jesus together with open hearts that dare to believe He is all we’ll ever need. God values your voice, and He wants you to do the same. Because without it, the sound of His orchestra simply isn’t complete.

Own this truth and gain confidence: Your true value and purpose for which you were created can only come from Jesus himself.

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Let’s look forward to the words of Jesus as the source for
living water to quench our souls’ thirst.

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