Treasured Tribe Bible Studies

Bible Studies tailored to work seemly with your Nourish™ Notebook -Exclusively Available through Treasured Tribe® Membership. 

While you can use the Nourish™ Notebook to study any Bible passage, having someone walking beside you with encouragement and a well thought-out Bible reading plan helps you stay on track. This reason is exactly why we developed the Treasured Tribe Bible Studies available exclusively with a Treasured Tribe® Membership. We didn’t just want to give you another Bible study journal; we wanted to walk with you for a lifetime with accompanying Bible studies to use with your Nourish™ Notebook. 

“And as I have navigated these last years, the Treasured Tribe Resilience Bible Study brought me back to the waters I had once reveled in as a child and reminded me to venture again. I never have to give up the love that first found me, and the unknown does not have to be what keeps me on the shore.”

Millicent Phillips 
Gain Access to Treasured Tribe Bible Studies with Treasured Tribe® Membership.

A Library of Bible Studies for Women to Nourish Your Heart Every Day 

Each Treasured Tribe Bible Study revolves around a specific topic and Bible reading plan. For example, Godly Girl Power walks through the entire book of Ephesians and teaches you how to trade codependency for God dependency.

At Treasured Ministries, we are always creating new studies, so you will never run out of fresh content to dive into and nourish your heart. See below to review samples of current Treasured Tribe Bible Studies.

Samples of Current Treasured Tribe Bible Studies:

“Godly Girl Power Bible Study was my first study with Treasured Ministries and it was the study I needed at a particular time and season of my life that helped me surrender certain areas to God that I had been holding close to my heart. I knew the desires God had placed on my heart and realized in those words and with this teaching that it was time. And this study delivered just that! With the Nourish Method I was able to dig deep and allow God to bring me from death to life. The only person standing between you and what you are capable of accomplishing is you and this study teaches you in depth on what it looks like to put on God’s armor using the word of God and prayer as your weapon.”

Lori Thomas
Gain Access to the Treasured Tribe Bible Studies with Treasured Tribe® Membership.

Here is How a Treasured Tribe Bible Study Works: 

1. For each week of study, you will receive a Treasured Devotion designed to be a diving board into your week of Bible study using the Nourish™ Bible Study Method. Starting your week of study inspired is a key to remain consistent to carry God’s Word with you all throughout the week.

2. Next, at the bottom of your Treasured Devotion, you are given a weekly Nourish Scripture. The Nourish Scripture is the set of verses you will use to apply the Nourish™ Method using the weekly plan outlined in the Nourish™ Notes Pages of your Nourish™ Notebook. This purposeful Bible reading plan gives you a strategy to stay connected to God’s Word Daily. 

3. End your week of study encouraged with a teaching message on the weekly Nourish Scripture given by Aliene called the Treasured Tribe® Talk.

We are here for you!

Your study of God’s Word grows with you gather with others. The Treasured Tribe Bible Studies go beyond strategic bible reading plans, they offer a partnership! As you study, you’ll have access to interact with the Treasured Ministries Team. Share what you are learning. Ask Questions. Let’s grow together.

Gain Access to the Treasured Tribe Bible Studies with Treasured Tribe® Membership.

How Can I Gain Access to the Treasured Tribe Bible Studies

The Treasured Tribe Bible Studies are exclusively available through Treasured Tribe® Membership. Gain Access to the entire library of Treasured Tribe Bible Studies, and other Treasured Ministries resources, and benefits by becoming a Treasured Tribe® Member. 

Carry God’s Word with you throughout the week with these Bible studies designed to be used in conjunction with your Nourish™ Notebook.  

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