What is the Treasured Devotions Series?

Treasured Devotions Series: The Treasured Devotions Series is a collection of Bible studies, done in a series, consisting of weekly Treasured Devotions, Nourish Scriptures, and corresponding Treasured Tribe Talk teaching messages. Utilize these resources in conjunction with your Nourish Notebook and stay connected to God despite your busy schedule. To discover more watch the video below!

How can I gain access to the Treasured Devotion Series?

Choose one of the following three options that is right for you and get started on your journey.

Option One: Join the Treasured Tribe private Facebook group and follow along with the current study for FREE.

Become a part of Treasured Ministries’ online community of women committed to living authentic, faith-filled lives by allowing God’s Word to define our worth, value, and purpose. Treasured Tribe utilizes the Treasured Devotions Series to study God’s Word together. For a schedule of upcoming studies, visit www.TreasuredTribe.com.

The Treasured Devotions and Nourish Scripture are sent out each Monday via email, and the week’s study will close with a live stream of the Treasured Tribe Talk on Thursdays at 12:00 PM EST.

Fill out the form below to subscribe to our current and upcoming Treasured Devotions Series and join the Treasured Tribe:

Option Two: Download an E-course from the Treasured Devotions Series and choose what you want to study.

To offer greater flexibility and freedom to study what you want when you want, each study in the Treasured Devotions Series is available for download. Choose the topic that best fits your current needs.

Gain flexibility to study on your own time. The Treasured Devotions, Treasured Tribe Talks, and Nourish Scriptures are all packaged together to put these resources right at your fingertips.

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Option Three: Become a Treasured Ministries Partner and receive unlimited access to the entire Treasured Devotions Series.

When you become a Treasured Ministries partner, you gain full access to the complete Treasured Devotions Series while making a difference in the lives of other women. This option is exclusively for partners as one of the gifts of gratitude for their monthly donation.

When you partner with Treasured Ministries, you are reaching women all over the world and connecting them to God’s Word so they can live the lives they were created for.

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