Finding Your Purpose

Just as God gave a dream to Joseph, God has a dream—a calling—for your life. The Dream Builder wants every woman to walk through the door of her God-given dreams, but he may give each one a different path to follow. Sometimes when we look to another instead of the Author of our Soul, discerning [...]

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She did it. She stood back up again. It happened slowly. One small step of faith at a time she conquered the rock-climbing wall of adversity she faced. She found a source of limitless strength and stability. By clinging to Jesus, she was able to climb. Daily declaring His truth provided essential nourishment for her [...]

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Her Heart for His Glory

Jesus didn’t stop her . . . and he won’t stop you.  Mary of Bethany carried her alabaster jar of priceless perfume toward Jesus. The disciples bombarded her with criticism. Even that couldn’t quench her desire to give her all to Jesus. Many believe the perfume, worth a year’s wages, was also her dowry. This [...]

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Resurrection Hope

You are not forgotten. God is always painting a masterpiece for his glory. We can’t always see the big picture, but we can find hope in any storm by changing the direction of our perception as we, like Jesus focus on resurrection hope (Hebrews 12:1-2). Like a holy thread connecting us to heaven, the presence [...]

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She Called Him Teacher

In Jesus’ day, rabbis did not teach women. In fact, a rabbi would not speak to a woman if he passed her on the street. But as we peer into the gospels, we see story after story about how Jesus broke through every cultural barrier and social boundary to reach out to women and nourish [...]

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Knowing Your Forgiveness

The things we feel ourselves wanting to hide from God are often times the things that should be propelling us into His presence. What the enemy wants us to keep hidden in our hearts is defeated when we bring it to the feet of Jesus, there is victory found when our knees hit the ground [...]

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No More Holding Back

No more holding back. I wonder if the widow in the temple heard those words whispered in her soul as she clutched the warm coins in her hand. Pressing the precious metal into her perspiring palm, she held them tightly for the last time. They were all she had to live on—dropping the coins would [...]

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Great Lengths for Just One

He went to great lengths to reach her. Jesus crossed all cultural boundaries and social norms to journey to the well at Samaria and wait to speak with just one woman. He was weary from his long trip, but she was worth his journey (John 4:4-8). Great lengths just for one. I just love this [...]

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Our Salvation, HIS Delight

The call that we hear to come to Jesus, to taste freedom, and to lay our burdens down is persistent through every stage of life. Often times the voice of the Father seems drowned out by the burdens we carry, it’s hard to hear the call of freedom when we allow chains, already broken, to [...]

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