What Is the Best Way to Study the Bible for Yourself?

The best way to study the Bible for yourself is to follow these 3 steps:

1. Select a passage of Scripture to study.

2. Open up your quiet time with an invitational prayer.

3. Apply a Bible study method that helps you see more of God’s character and his plan for your life. 

What Can You Expect When You Find a Better Way to Study the Bible for Yourself?

Studying the Bible can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. God never intended for his Word to be something we steer clear of. On the contrary, it is intended to be inviting, transforming, and powerful. 

He tells us his Word is alive and active. It can discern the thoughts and attitudes of the heart (Hebrews 4:12). The Bible also tells us that when we take delight in him and his Word—when we truly allow his words to wash over our souls and change us—then he gives us the desires of our hearts (Psalm 27:4).

Now, don’t get me wrong… This is not to say that God grants wishes. He is far from a genie. But what he does say is that he heals our hearts and begins to mold them in such a way that they actually reflect more of his character and desires. 

We start to want the same things God wants for us!

As a result, we begin to experience lives of freedom. We start to see the world differently. Our circumstances no longer control our emotions and behaviors. When we study the Bible, and immerse ourselves in its healing words, it actually changes our perspective to be more like God’s, which allows us to start to see our purpose.  

Who doesn’t want more contentment, freedom, and purpose in their life?

The Key to Discovering Contentment, Freedom, and Purpose When You Study the Bible for Yourself

The key to discovering these blessings within the words of our loving Savior, Father, and Counselor lies in our willingness to… 

  • Pause on a passage
  • Put aside the preconceived thoughts of our past experiences
  • Enter into our time with the Lord with childlike faith

Step 1. Selecting a Passage of Scripture | How to Study the Bible for Yourself

Many of us spend so much time wondering what passage of Scripture the Lord wants us to study that we end up not studying anything at all. Isn’t that what the enemy of our souls desires—to keep us out of the freeing words of Christ so that he can continue to cause chaos?

Not anymore. 

Instead, ask yourself these questions…

Has there been a passage that God has been bringing to my mind repeatedly?

Is there a hurt I am really struggling with?

Is there a Bible story or character that I have wanted to study and simply haven’t yet?

These questions can guide you into a passage of Scripture to study. The Lord can begin to unpack and reveal anchors of truth to you through his Word. 

You might be thinking, “I’m new to studying the Bible, so how do I even find what I’m looking for?” The internet is a great resource for locating passages of Scripture to study. 

For example, have you ever wondered how the study of Joseph and his coat of many colors applies to your life? There are great resources out there that help you dive deep into God’s timeless truth and apply it to whatever season you are in today. 

And if you still can’t come up with a passage of Scripture to study, go ahead and open one of the Gospels, such as Mark, and ask God to reveal the power of the cross as you read the words of your Savior. 

Step 2. Opening Up Your Quiet Time in Prayer | How to Pray before Your Bible Study Time

There is no denying that prayer is important. God wants to hear from you! He also wants to speak to you. Quieting your mind and asking God to fill it with his perfect love invites him into the process when you study the Bible for yourself. 

The Creator of the universe wants to connect with you. Sure, he wants you to know his Word, but for the purpose of being able to recognize his voice (John 10:27), not to simply gain knowledge for knowledge’s sake. 

Try opening up your quiet time with a prayer of invitation, such as the following:

“Lord, your Word sustains me. It gives me life and breath. It breaks away past hurts and heals my broken heart. I choose to receive your healing hand today. Lord, create in me a heart that seeks you above all else. I invite you into this quiet time right now. Reveal to me an anchor of truth I can rest upon today. Let me hold fast to it. In Jesus’s name, amen.”

Step 3. Applying a Bible Study Method | How to Understand and Apply a Passage of Scripture to Yourself

This is when the time with the Lord really becomes alive and active in your life! 

Let me ask you this… Have you ever read a passage of Scripture numerous times, and then one day you read it and it seems to leap off the page at you? It’s as if you are experiencing its impact for the first time! 

Friend, that is God speaking to you! He wants to make that IMPACT on your life. But don’t get ahead of him, and don’t assume you know what it is. Instead, unpack the impact. 

What do I mean by that?

Break down the passage of Scripture using the Nourish Bible Study Method and start to look for… 

  • Images of God to trust
  • Messages to share
  • Promises to believe
  • Actions to take
  • Core authentic identity in Christ to adopt
  • Transgressions to confess

As you can see, the IMPACT God wants to make on your life is intended to move you from where you are into what you are created for. 

Applying a method, such as the Nourish Bible Study Method, to a single passage of Scripture is like opening a treasure chest of precious gems that was hidden under a layer of dust. 

Are you ready to start exploring all that God has for you? Are you ready to start nourishing your soul with truth as you study the Bible for yourself? Then get a Bible study method to help you do just that. 

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You might think there’s a hidden treasure for you in God’s Word. No doubt there is. But never forget that God’s pleasure is to dust you off so that you can be his light to the world (Matthew 5:15)—because you are his treasured one. 

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