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Risky Generosity

Leading others out of a place of refreshment instead of resentment happens through God’s abundance. But sometimes our subconscious will resist receiving and argue with abundance, resulting in actions that block the flow of generosity, leaving us worn out and weary instead of rejuvenated by giving. In today’s Podcast learn how to cultivate courageous generosity God’s way. 

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Your Bethel

Solitude nourishes our souls and creates room to hear God’s still small voice, yet often clutter crowds out this opportunity. Dedicating a space in your home designed for spending time in God’s presence is a solution to a lack of solitude. Want more? Today’s podcast is an audio message taken from Dream Builder. This six-week study on Joseph and the Patriarchs written [...]

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She Lives in Freedom

Lord, when the enemy of my soul causes me to fall back into legalism, which can only complicate my faith, let me breathe the beautiful simplicity of the new commandment: love. May I remember that I must first receive your love for myself by seeing myself the way you see me. The self-deprecating thoughts must end. Harsh [...]

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Her Advocate Has the Advantage over Her Adversary

Abba Father, my adversary is creating adversity, and life has become heavy and hard. But I choose to remember this truth today: my advocate, the Holy Spirit, is greater than my adversary, the devil.   May I remember that the enemy of my soul is at the root of evil in my life.   When I face [...]

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She Witnesses This Truth in Her Wilderness: God’s Power Prevails

Lord, the steps through the wilderness are always the hardest. The very hardest. Help me remember there is purpose in this pathway—even when I don't understand.   Let me live with hope by remembering my Egypt is behind me and the Promised Land before me.   All you ask me to do today is to take the [...]

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Through Her Willingness to Trust, She Trades Watching the Holy Spirit from a Distance for Wading Deep into Those Life-Giving Living Waters

Father, my comforter, you call me away from the safe shore where I feel in control to soak in the living waters of the Holy Spirit through complete surrender. And I am ready to dive in. Oh, let me be brave.   Give me the courage that comes only from your Perfect Love casting out my [...]

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She Finds Security in His Strong Leadership

Abba Father, what a beautiful truth to behold: there is someone who watches over me with great love and desires to lead me.   Sometimes I fear my future. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. And I confess that sometimes I handle feeling fearful and overwhelmed by trying to figure things out on [...]

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