True Validation

The Dream Builder builds the dreamer and the dream. Other people cannot validate your purpose. But often we look to people we can see to validate us and find ourselves on an endless, meaningless quest. But you are God’s chosen treasure, designed for a unique purpose. Daily embrace this truth in the core of your [...]

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Like strong winds that detach dandelion seeds, pushing them to new ground to flourish, sometimes rejection can be God’s redirection to position us for our purpose. Joseph experienced truth in his life. Joseph is often remembered as one who wore a rainbow. Beautiful, multicolored brilliance cascaded over his shoulders and down his arms. His coat [...]

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Finding Your Purpose

Just as God gave a dream to Joseph, God has a dream—a calling—for your life. The Dream Builder wants every woman to walk through the door of her God-given dreams, but he may give each one a different path to follow. Sometimes when we look to another instead of the Author of our Soul, discerning [...]

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