No More Holding Back

No more holding back. I wonder if the widow in the temple heard those words whispered in her soul as she clutched the warm coins in her hand. Pressing the precious metal into her perspiring palm, she held them tightly for the last time. They were all she had to live on—dropping the coins would [...]

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Great Lengths for Just One

He went to great lengths to reach her. Jesus crossed all cultural boundaries and social norms to journey to the well at Samaria and wait to speak with just one woman. He was weary from his long trip, but she was worth his journey (John 4:4-8). Great lengths just for one. I just love this [...]

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Our Salvation, HIS Delight

The call that we hear to come to Jesus, to taste freedom, and to lay our burdens down is persistent through every stage of life. Often times the voice of the Father seems drowned out by the burdens we carry, it’s hard to hear the call of freedom when we allow chains, already broken, to [...]

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