You are never alone. You are not powerless in your current situation. You are not the Lone Ranger trying with all your might to follow Christ. Brave heart, there is not enough determination and willpower inside of you to overcome your sin and fulfill your calling without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. God told [...]

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Letting Go of Limitations

What God-given dream seems smothered by walls that surround you? What self-imposed limitations prevent you from believing all things are possible with God? What past mistake has pushed insecurity so deep into your soul that fear prevents you from becoming all God created and redeemed you to be? Lift your eyes off of your limitations [...]

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Facing Fear

Imagine yourself running a race. Your focus is on the finish line, but along the way your thought-life creates confusion. Your inner voice begins to say, “You better stop running … you might hurt yourself.” Or you hear, “Was it really your idea to run this race?” Or “Don’t go any farther—this next leg is [...]

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