Your Past is Preparation For Your Purpose

Often our past experiences can prepare our hearts for our Promised Land purpose. Life can be our greatest classroom, as it was for Joshua. The Lord had been preparing the successor of Moses for his calling for many years. Although we cannot pinpoint his age exactly, Joshua was likely at least eighty when he led [...]

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Believing Hearts Become Brave

Have you ever felt a longing inside that leaves you thinking there must be something else in life? In the daily busyness of life that creates a predictable mundane rhythm, sometimes that longing is drowned out, but the desire never really leaves you. At night or early in the morning when life is still, you [...]

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Brave Heart

Hey there, brave heart! Yeah—that’s you! If you and I grabbed a cup of coffee and talked long enough, I’m sure we could  share stories about times when we found ourselves alone, afraid, and unsure. We could tell about times when other people’s choices—or our own—hurt us. Ours is an imperfect world with imperfect circumstances [...]

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