Finding Joy in the Ordinary Makes Life Extraordinary

God Placed Extraordinary in the Ordinary She held the baby Jesus figurine and paused before she laid him down inside the manger. The Lord quieted her soul with his presence, and her Christmas preparation hustle came to a halt. She listened and leaned into the Holy Spirit. The thought returned to her and echoed deep [...]

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Friends Giving

She began to practice friendship again. And practicing friendship meant that although she did not do it perfectly every time, she continued putting herself out there, taking proactive steps to the beat of God’s principles. And with every step she found others who were looking for this kind of connection. Sharing her life with people [...]

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The Courage to be Vulnerable

Without authenticity, there is no vulnerability.   Without vulnerability, there is no intimacy. Without courage to be authentic, the connections God created for you cannot happen. Everything you are—your authentic self, your story, your imperfections, your fears, your dreams, your past,—all God has created you to be is a beautiful pearl to treasure and share with [...]

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